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Get to know the basics for your favorite casino game. In this section we have gathered casino guides for slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps. Here you’ll find fundamental strategies on the most classic casino games, but also more advanced in-depth strategies that might be helpful, before you hit the tables.

This section is divided so that you can read each about each game. Once you’re ready. Go to our first page to find free money and free spins, once you register for a new casino room.

Slots Guides

3 slot machines with gold coins in front.There are tons of slots online out there. Here we have gathered a bunch of slots reviews on some of the more popular games. You are even able to play on some of them, directly on the site for free. Check out our slots section and get to know the slots. You might find one or two games that you will come to love.

Blackjack Guides

Shuffle up and deal. Blackjack is one of our favorite table games. Here you’ll get to know the fundamentals, the math and also a bit of blackjack culture. There are even some more advanced stuff that could be interesting for players who wants to get to know the game better.

Roulette Guides

Every casino worth it’s salt should have a roulette table. This classic game is available online. Both in digital version and via webcams at live casino. So why not get to know the games better. Below we have some interesting articles surrounding this classic game.

Baccarat Guides

Baccarat text on a green blackboard-type background with 2 cards of spades and heart - all written/drawn in chalk.One of the more popular casino table games in Asia is the game of Baccarat. For anyone wanting to know more about this game, check out the section below about Baccarat.

Craps Guides

2 red dice on white background.Veni, vidi, vici, Caesar said. And that what craps is all about. If you’re hungry to know about more about this game, then you definitely check out the section below.


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