New online casinos 2022

new online casinos

There are always new online casinos being launched. Every year, you see a new casino and you wonder if it has something new to offer.

Well, we are here to help you figure it out. The latest online casinos usually have something attractive and appealing to offer new customers. After all, they are up against established casinos – some of which have been operating for decades. These old-timers already have a strong following and loyal players who enjoy the best VIP treatments. The new casino sites have a lot to prove if they want to be recognized in this very competitive industry.

Fortunately for these new casinos, online players are always looking for something new. That means they have a fighting chance to survive. But they need to be transparent with what their casino offers. New players will always be on the lookout for who offers the best user experience, welcome bonus, online slots, etc.

This is why we came up with this page – to help online players see the newest online casinos worth discovering. Read on to see every single casino review.

Latest casino´s added to

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No Deposit Bonus
Mr Vegas
9.7 / 10
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11 spins
T&C's Apply +18
9.2 / 10
£40 bonus
T&C's Apply +18
9.1 / 10
100% up to £200
11 spins
T&C's Apply +18
Generation VIP Casino review
9.0 / 10
100% up to £77
77 spins
T&C's Apply +18
Casumo Casino
8.8 / 10
£25 bonus
20 spins
T&C's Apply +18
8.6 / 10

No deposit offer terms

Deposit Bonus Offer terms apply 18+
8.6 / 10
£500 bonus
100 spins
T&C's Apply +18

How to choose a new online casino

As exciting as it may be to try out a brand new casino, you need to check out a couple of things first. Here are the important factors that should affect your decision to try out new online casino sites.

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Legalities and licenses

If you want to play for real money, you need to make sure that the new sites are compliant with the rules and regulations of the online gambling industry. For instance, a new UK casino should obtain its license to operate from the UK Gambling Commission. UK players should specifically look for the newest casinos with a UKCG license.

If the site wants to operate in other countries, they should be able to show other licenses. This is one way to ensure that you will go through a safe experience. If the online casino is transparent with their ownership and contact details, you know that they are legitimate and they are not hiding anything. Brand new online casinos should also be open with their security systems. They should display the SSL encryption technology or system that they are using. This is important because you want to protect all your data and financial records.

User experience and customer support

All the best casino sites offer an option to play for free. This will allow you to check the user experience that they offer. This is your chance to check if the site is responsive. Focus on the design and interface. Does it load fast? Or when you try to look for new games, is it easy to navigate the site and find them? You can do these without having to sign up just yet.

Since this is a new online site, it is hard to get information from customer review sites. But if the online casino had been operating for a month or so, they should have a couple of reviews already. Make sure you look at reviews from fellow online players. You can also look at the casino reviews we have on We always provide unbiased and comprehensive reviews to help you decide.

Among the important things that you should also check is customer support. This is part of the user experience. If you have queries, how can you find the answer? Do they have a FAQ section or a live chat that will provide you with immediate answers?

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Game selections

You should also look at the game selections of the online casino. Do they have the latest slot games or progressive jackpot slots? Are their video slots among your favourites? Do they have slot tournaments? Or do they have the complete list of classic table games like roulette? The casino games will play an important role in the online casino that you will choose to play in. The best new casinos should have high-quality games from well-known game developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, etc. Check if they have live casino games with a live dealer. This should give you enough variety in terms of game selections.

Check if the latest casinos that you are looking into offer a free play mode. This will allow you to test out the gaming experience in the online casino.

It is also worth looking into if they always add new games. You want variety after all. Having new games added constantly would be a good quality for any online casino.

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Bonus, free spins, and promotions

This is probably one of the most important features that online players look into. It is natural for you to want to see which of the online casinos offer the most generous welcome bonuses and free spins. In fact, you probably expect it. Casino bonuses are one way for new players to be rewarded after signing up. The welcome offer usually comes in various forms. You have deposit bonuses that will be activated once you make your first deposit. There is also no deposit bonus offers that can be availed after you complete the registration process.

As you look at the bonus and free spins offer, check the wagering requirements. Make sure it is realistic and not that hard to achieve. A 40x to 50x wagering requirement is actually quite high. Look for those with 25x to 35x wagering requirements. These are reasonable and easier to meet.

But don’t just focus on the bonus offer when you sign-up. Look into the loyalty program as well. Will you be offered bonus spins if you keep on playing? Do they have a VIP program? What perks will you get if you achieve that status? Do they give out cashback and special bonus offers?

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Payment options

The payment options will also be an important consideration before you commit to a new online casino. The best new online casinos should be able to offer flexibility from the start. This means it should have enough option to deposit or withdraw through debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and bank transfers. Some online casinos already offer digital currencies and that can be a plus. Make sure that you read the fine print to understand the details of the payment options. Like is there an exclusive promo for certain payment methods? Or are some of them excluded from some bonus offers? You have to clear all of these.

The method and process should also be scrutinized. Does the online casino ask for fees? Can you expect fast withdrawals or will it take days to approve a cashout request?

Obviously, security is an important consideration when you talk about payment options. So double-check the security systems that the online casino has in place.


Most of the time, new online casinos do not offer a mobile version immediately. So don’t have high expectations for this. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they have plans though. So get in touch with their customer support to check if there are plans to set up a mobile casino. Or you can look at the reputation of the operator. If they have other online casinos and these have their respective mobile versions, you can expect that the new casino probably has one in the works already. This is good news for those who prefer mobility. You can play casino on your mobile device regardless of where you are. It should also be available for use across various mobile operating systems like iOS or Android.

Current trends in online casinos

When looking for the best online casinos, it is best to consider the current trends in the industry. There are many technological advancements that you can expect from the gaming sector. In particular, software developers are focused on improving the gamification and overall player experience.

New and old players have high demands when it comes to the online gambling industry. Online casinos who meet these

You want to make sure that the online casino you are looking into has these new trends.

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So what are the current trends right now?


Themed and adventure slot games are popular – that’s for sure. Marvel and DC Comics are partnering with game developers to create the best online casino games.

Virtual reality is also a rising trend. It makes the online casino very modern and you are sure that they take time to improve their systems. Soon it will be mainstream – you might not have to wait that long.

More payment methods

Payment methods also have some improvements to offer. In the UK, there is a growing trend to be able to pay through phone bill deposits. It offers a more secure payment method – not to mention the fact that it is also convenient. Check if the new online casino is offering this option.

Gaming regulations

You should also pay attention to the new regulations being implemented by the gambling regulators like the UK Gambling Commission. Their aim is to give online players the most secure gaming experience. For instance, online casinos are expected to require players to complete their documents in compliance with the KYC (Know Your Customer) rule. There is also a rule that should allow players to withdraw their real money even if they have availed of bonuses. Of course, there will be fees and charges – but this should be allowed.

Transparency is also a must among old and new online casinos. The terms and conditions must be visible and readable.

Pros and Cons of playing in new online casinos

There is a certain risk of playing on new online casino interfaces. This is why some online players just want to stick to the old-time online casinos. But before you snub the idea of being adventurous in your online gaming experience, here are the pros and cons of trying out new online casinos.


New online casinos come with the latest technology. As mentioned, they need to come in with impressive features. Otherwise, they will not attract new players. So they usually try to impress with the latest technological advancements that promise the best gamification features.

Among these technological developments include better and more reliable payment options. Improved customer support, innovative interface, and state-of-the-art features are only a few of the advancements that you can expect.

New online casinos also offer generous promotions. This is a major appeal among new customers. If you are offered huge casino bonuses and free spins, you will surely be enticed to give them a try.

Of course, you will also enjoy the latest games when you try out online casinos. They know that the gameplay is important to some online players. These new casinos, especially those created by operators with other established online casinos, have existing working relationships with game developers. They will surely ask for the new games because it will help catch your attention.


So what about the disadvantages? There are also a couple of risks that you will take when you try out new online casinos.

For one, they probably have functionality issues while they are starting out. This is especially true if they are trying new technology. A lot of issues can occur and it will take time to make the necessary tweaks that will make the site perfect. This is why you need to check their customer support. You want to be sure that you can talk to them to settle technical problems as it happens.

There are also times when new online casinos struggle with cashout limits. Some have to lower their limit for security purposes. But over time, this should go up. The same is true for currency options. The new casinos start out with limited currency options. But eventually, they will expand the selections to cater to a more diverse online casino clientele.

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Common questions about new online casinos

Why do new players like new online casinos?

The fact that it is “new” is already a strong appeal for some online players. Sitting in front of your desktop or holding your mobile playing the same game and on the same platform can get tiresome. This is why a newly launched online casino generates a lot of attention. That and the possibilities that it can bring is the reason why a lot of players want to give it a try.

Do new casinos offer the best bonuses?

Not really. Even the old and well established online casinos continue to offer generous promotions and freebies to retain loyal players. But most of these will be geared towards their VIP clients. There will be bonus offers for new players. However, it will not be as much since they don’t really have anything to prove because they already have a following.

New online casinos, on the other hand, will be mostly looking for new players. So you can expect that what they offer will be geared for new players to make them stand out.

Are new online casinos safe?

The best way to check if new online casinos are safe is to look at specific features. Among the things that you need to check include their license, security systems (they should be transparent with this), operator information, features payment or banking options, etc. Reading through online reviews will also help determine if these new casinos are legitimate.

Where can I find new online casinos?

The best place to find them is through our website, We are always on the lookout for new online casinos. Just keep coming back to check on this page. We will be ready with our review of the new casinos so you can get the relevant information that you need to determine if you want to try them out or not.