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We started this website about 6 years ago and the goal was to provide people with reviews of different gambling sites. We have always had a passion for gambling and specifically online casino games have been the favorite.

We wanted to find a way to share our experience at different casino rooms so the website free-spins.org started. The goal is to present the difference to you as a visitor between all these different casinos and gambling sites in general.

We look at several key factors when we analyze or review a casino. Here are some examples:

  • We is the casino licensed
  • What type of Bonus do they offer
  • What are the wagering requirements for the bonus
  • How is the support
  • Do they have a live chat

The list could be made much longer, but I think most readers will understand that we really want to get as much details about the different brands as possible.

Why you could benefit from our site

You believe that you can benefit from our site in many different ways. The key factor will most likely be that we can provide you with some basic facts about a casino before you register with them. It is always a fairly boring process to sign up at a new casino, so spending a little time to research first can be worth the time.

Some of the most popular segments on our site are comparing free spins and casino bonus information in general. Second to that looking at what types of transaction options that different casino sites offer. Last but not least people also can find good articles about the basic rules of how different games are played, which always can be helpful when someone wants to enjoy the game the most possible.

Comparing is a key factor

The key factor that we always have as a lead word is the ability to compare. We want to provide you with the options to compare what the different casino sites offer when it comes to all kinds of factors. Hopefully you can all find a good alternative and surely everyone will like a bit different style, and with all these casino´s one should suit well.

If you want to contact us its possible via email on [email protected]

Lead Casino Reviewer & Game Strategist | + posts

Hailing from Leeds, James Worthington is a seasoned player turned writer with over a decade immersed in the online casino realm. With a background in computer science from the University of Leeds, James offers a blend of technical understanding and firsthand gaming experience. Regularly penning articles for free-spins.org, he breaks down complex game mechanics and provides readers with strategies that are both informed and actionable. James's expertise ensures that players get the most out of every spin.