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The minimum deposit in online casinos is one of the constant features that you have to live with. It may seem like people are more concerned about winning big that they do not care about the minimum limits that the online casino has set. However, if you think about it, all the limits have an important role to play.

Min deposit LimitsPayment Options
Minimum £1 deposit casinosNeteller minimum deposit
Minimum £5 deposit casinosSkrill minimum deposit
Minimum £10 deposit casinosPaypal minimum deposit
Minimum £20 deposit casinos

Not everyone who plays online casino is risky. There are actually a good lot of them who are content with being low-stake players whose only intention is to have fun. The minimum deposit is actually for these people. This is why there is a rising popularity among minimum deposit casinos as various industry players scramble to get the attention of this segment of the online gambling community.

Recommended minimum deposit Casinos 2024

  • Payment Type Minimum Deposit Bonus
  • £10 icon
  • mastercard debit deposit method £10 icon
  • skrill deposit method uk £10 icon
  • neteller deposit method uk £10 icon
  • paysafecard deposit method uk £10 icon
  • MuchBetter UK deposit option £10 icon
Min deposit for bonus £10. Get 100% up to £25 + 20 spins
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New customers only. £10 min dep. Claim within 30 days
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Why is there a minimum deposit for online casinos?

Before anything else, let us define what a minimum deposit it. The name explains itself perfectly. It is the minimum amount that you need to deposit if you want to play in the online casino that you have chosen. While all online casinos allow players to play the demo games, that will not allow you to withdraw your winnings. If you want to play for real money, you need to meet the minimum deposit requirement.

Apart from that, there are other reasons why a minimum deposit is needed for online casinos.

  • It allows low-risk playing. As mentioned, this is suited for low-stakes players. Some casinos have as low as €1 deposits. With most slot machines allowing low bets, it does not restrict the players from enjoying online casino games. If they are lucky, they can grow this small amount without really risking too much of their money.
  • It allows players to try something new. This could mean both new online casinos or new games. Sometimes, players will not really know if an online casino is good unless they have tried it out. The minimum deposit allows them to play and get a feel of the casino experience without dedicating too much of their money. If they decide not to continue with the account, they can live with whatever deposit they are bound to lose. The same can be said for new games. Even if the game ends up being too difficult to play, the minimum deposit will help lower the risk.

It has to be said that every online casino has different policies. Some have really low minimum deposits like €1 while others have €20. There are usually freebies attached to these. Obviously, the higher the deposit, the more you will benefit from free plays, bonuses, and other freebies.

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Casino with minimum deposit £1

Believe it or not, there are online casinos that will only require you to deposit €1 and you can already play for real money. Usually, these are used to attract new players. These deposits are partnered with attractive bonuses that will give players extra money or free spins that will allow them to play more despite the low deposit they just made. Of course, there are rules attached to these bonuses and you have to meet certain betting conditions before you can withdraw the winnings you get out of these.

As always, the conditions will vary depending on the online casino so it is best for you not to expect things to be exactly the same. While you can generalize, always expect that there are details that differ from the rest. This is why you need to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the online casino. For instance, some online casinos will not allow you to cash out until you have played a certain number of bets. This might be harder because there might be specific casino games that will require a minimum betting amount that is higher than what you deposited.

There are also online casinos that limit the minimum deposit to specific payment methods – usually e-wallets. When it comes to withdrawals, get to know if there are limited payment methods you can use to complete the transaction.

Casino with minimum deposit £10

Some people might think that a deposit of €1 will not give them enough money to play. That is okay. There are online casinos with a minimum deposit of €10. The rules are practically the same as those with a minimum deposit of €1 – with small details varying depending on the specific online casinos.

Since you have a bigger deposit, you have more money to use as a bet. This will open more games to you as you are more likely to meet the minimum betting amount. Not only that, there is a higher chance that the bonus and free plays will also be more significant. That will give you more to work with as you explore the online casino. Not only that, you have more payment method options to use for both the deposit and withdrawal transactions.

If you want to be able to maximize your deposit, make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the website. It will give you insight into what you should expect when you continue playing with only the minimum deposit.

Pros and cons of playing a minimum deposit online casino

It seems like playing the minimum deposit should be filled with advantages, right? After all, you are not risking too much of your money. However, there are still drawbacks. Sometimes, you will really benefit by not going for the minimum deposit. But then again, that depends on what you want to get out of playing online casino games.


Here are the advantages of sticking to the minimum deposit of online casinos.

  • The risk is very low. This is probably the best way to enjoy playing without worrying about the money that you will be losing in case you fail to win anything. Sometimes, knowing that the bulk of your real money is safe makes the gambling experience more enjoyable. You can relish the game without fearing that you will wipe out your bank account in the process.
  • You can play games without putting out too much money. Most of the time, minimum deposits are given the bonus and free plays. You can use this to play more games. The winning may not be as big but if your goal is just to enjoy the games, then this is a great time to do just that.
  • You get the chance to experience the casino. This is a great way to explore the website.
    Sometimes, the demo plays will only let you access certain parts of the site. But with a minimum deposit, you are considered a member of the online casino. That will open more pages for you to explore. If you like what you see, you can opt to deposit more. If not, then there is not much that you can lose.


Here are the disadvantages of sticking to the minimum deposit.

  • Your security is still not guaranteed. We are talking about the security of the information and finances stored in the online casino. You may have protected the money that is still in your bank account. But if you do not choose the online casino well, all the information and deposits and winnings you have in the account might not be safe. Usually, the minimum deposit is a marketing strategy used by smaller and new online casinos to attract new players. This is why it is still important to do the appropriate due diligence before you make a deposit in any online casino. Make sure they are legitimate and trustworthy. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Some bonuses will be kept from you. Usually, the bonus and free plays that you will receive will depend on your deposit. It is a common strategy of online casinos to encourage you to deposit more money. The bigger the deposit, the more freebies you get to enjoy.
  • Your options are limited. Just like the pages and rewards are limited, the payment methods will also be restricted if you stick to the minimum deposit. Of course, this will still depend on the specific online casino that you will choose.

FAQ about minimum deposits

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about minimum deposits.

Where can I find more information about minimum deposits?

There are three ways for you to do this.

  • Through the FAQ section. Most online casinos have this section on the website so players can get immediate answers.
  • Through the Terms and Conditions. This is usually where you can get the details of the operations, transactions, and process of the online casino. There is bound to be information about the deposit here.
  • Through customer support. If none of the two will work, you can always get in touch with the customer support. This is usually through live chat, phone, or email. They should be able to give you direct answers about the minimum deposit.

Does a minimum deposit always come with a welcome bonus?

This actually depends on the online casino. The welcome bonus, like the minimum deposit, is used to entice new players to create an account with them. If the online casino wants to attract more players, it is not unusual for them to combine these two features.

How do you send a minimum deposit?

This varies from one online casino to another. Usually, e-wallets are the best way to send the minimum deposit. But there are online casinos that make it easier if you use debit cards. The payment methods also have their own minimum transaction amounts – so this is a factor to consider when choosing the payment method to use to send a minimum deposit.

Do you need to pay a fee to make a minimum deposit?

This will depend on the online casino and chosen payment method. Some will require a fee while others will not, as long as you meet certain conditions. This is why it is always wise to check the terms and conditions before you make a choice.

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