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If you want to experience something new, you might want to join slot machine tournaments. It can be both rewarding and entertaining. You will not only play on the computer. You will also be competing with other players.

What makes these really popular is the fact that they are easy to play and will not require you to be highly skilled at gambling. While there are strategies that will increase the chances that you will win, it does not require special skill to learn them. You can be new at playing online and still be successful when it comes to these tournaments. As long as you have a competitive spirit in you, that should be enough for this gaming experience worth your while. If the title matters a lot to you, then you would benefit from joining daily slots tournaments.

Before you join any slot machine tournaments, you might want to understand how it all works. The truth is, the gameplay is easy to understand. However, there are some details that you need to be aware of so you can figure out the strategy that you need to use to win as many tournaments as you can. This article will give you everything that you need to know about slots tournaments.

Let us start by defining what a slots tournament is all about.

What is a slots tournament?

Contrary to popular beliefs, tournaments are not exclusive to poker games. Online casinos have been holding slots tournaments for some time now and it has started to build a strong following among the online gaming community.

What makes slot machines fun is the fact that you do not need to do much to win. However, it can admittedly get boring sometimes. This is why joining tournaments will add a little spice to your online gambling experience. And with the growing popularity in both live and online casinos, the jackpot for these tournaments have steadily increased over time.

Slot machine tournaments are usually used by online casinos to attract new players or retain the old ones. It is, after all, a new form of entertainment. Not only that, it provides another level of winnings. In fact, the winnings could rival those of progressive jackpots. Of course, the bragging rights are included in what players love the most about it.

Other players like to join these tournaments because it allows them to gauge their potential losses – controlling and keeping the bets from getting out of hand. While there are free slots tournament (no deposit needed), most of them have a set entry fee. This is their limit for that particular tournament. When they lose this, they are out of the tournament. They may have lost but it would have been controlled from the very start.

The number of participants varies from one slots tournament to the other. Sometimes, there will only be a few participants while there will be times when there will be thousands. While it is harder to win when more people are competing, it is usually worth it because the prize is bigger.

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Types of slots tournaments

There are different types of slots tournaments.

  • Leaderboard tournaments. In this type, you have to pay an entry fee. This is the money that you will use to play in the tournament. As you play, you will earn a point every time you place a bet or win. It depends on the online casino running the tournament. These points will be tallied and will be used to determine your rank in the leaderboard. You need to focus on your position on this board because reaching the top means winning the tournament and getting the prize. In some cases, all players on the leaderboard will win a prize (e.g.)
  • Points tournaments. This type of slots will also require you to pay an entry fee – but it will be converted into tokens or chips. You will use this to play throughout the tournament. In this type, there are pre-determined prizes that you can win regardless if you are ahead of the other players or not. As long as you reach the requirement, you will win.
  • By invite tournaments. This is the more exclusive tournaments where you do not need to enter free slots tournaments with cash deposits. You get invited to join and hope to win amongst the other competitors. The criteria to get an invite will depend on the online casino who will send it to you. Usually, it is a reward for loyal players.

Some tournaments will set up challenges that players will have to meet in order to win prizes. Sometimes, it involves winning consecutively or meeting the minimum wager requirement. Make sure you understand the rules of the tournament so you will not forfeit the game and your chance of winning.

Reasons to play in a slots tournament

We have mentioned a couple of reasons why slot tournaments are gaining in popularity. The truth is, players love to join these tournaments because of a couple of reasons.

  • Players get to join a competition by playing a game that does not really require skill.
  • Winning cash is easier and has the least risk compared to other tournaments. Of course, the type of slot tournament that you will join will determine how you will win but it is generally easier compared to the other tournament available in online casinos.
  • Slots tournaments are available in live casinos as well as online. You can always enjoy a tournament regardless of the type of gambling you want to indulge in.
  • The prize money can go really high. This is especially true for tournaments with cash buy-ins. The more players there are, the bigger the prize money.

How much do you need to play?

This will depend on the online casinos that are organizing the slot machine tournaments. There are those who will not require a cash buy-in while there are those with that requirement. You can choose which one you prefer depending on how much you are comfortable risking for the tournament. Just remember that the amount of money that you will be required to commit to a tournament will affect how much you can win. The free slots tournament with cash prizes is usually smaller compared to those with cash buy-ins.

Does that mean you should not join the free tournaments? Not exactly. Anything that you win for giving nothing is always a good thing. Online casinos use free slots tournaments to encourage online players to try out new games. Or it is used to reward loyal players – like having NetEnt slots tournaments for players who always play the specific slot from this game developer. These are usually invite-only tournaments for players who they feel deserve the reward. If you love playing slots anyway, why not focus on spinning more reels so you can enjoy these tournaments?

Of course, if you want to win big prizes, then you should expect to pay the entry fee. Choose the tournaments with the most players because the number of participants will increase the prize that you can win.

How to play in slots tournaments

Now that you have the basic understanding of what slots tournaments are, it is time to actually play them. Here are the things that you need to do.

  • Before you play, it is important for you to read the terms and conditions. This will help you understand what is expected of you and the rules that you have to follow. You might win the tournament only to find out that your prize is forfeited because of technicalities that you failed to follow. For instance, some tournaments will not allow players to use the “autoplay”. You need to be aware of these restrictions.
  • Pay the fee to enter the tournament. Some slots tournaments are free but will require you to meet a certain requirement to join. If you read the terms and conditions or rules of the tournament, you will know what this is.
  • Get the credits. Usually, the cash buy-in will be converted into credits that you will use to play during the tournament.
  • Use the credits within the specified time period. Make sure you use up the credits in time to increase the chances of scoring high in the tournament.
  • Work your way to the top. There are tournaments with a multi-tiered format – especially if there are a lot of players. That means you will be divided into groups and the winner will compete with the winners of the other groups. This will take longer to complete and will be harder to win. However, anything that is more complex is usually more rewarding. If you joined a leaderboard type of game, you will be competing with everyone. The more points or credits you get for playing will make you inch higher in the leaderboard. Usually, those who land in the top 10 or 3 win prizes.

Strategy to use when playing slots tournaments

While playing slots is usually based on luck, there are things that you can do to ensure that you will score high and win a prize.

  • Choose the tournaments with a higher buy-in and fewer players. This will increase your investment in the game but it will also increase the chances of you winning a big prize.
  • Make sure you use up the credits. You need to keep an eye on the time period so you will not waste time. You have to use up the credits to increase the chances of increasing your points. Lost credits will do you no good. Go into a frenzy in pushing the buttons to use up as many credits as you can.
  • Stay away from distractions. Tournaments usually last for approximately 20 minutes or so. You need to stay in a place where you will not be distracted from playing the slots. You want to keep on spinning the reels to use up all the credits. Even when you win something big, keep on spinning.
  • Bet the maximum amount. This will help increase your winnings – especially if you have chosen the one with the highest number of pay lines.
  • Do not rely on luck alone to win a slots tournament. You need both speed and concentration as well to increase the chances of taking home the main prize.

Slots tournament rules

Although slot machine tournaments vary between sites, that does not mean there are no general rules. Online casinos follow the same rules and these are the ones that you need to remember.

  • Cash buy-ins have a preset number of credits. This will secure your spot in the tournament and will guarantee that everyone will be starting on an even playing field.
  • You will only lose the value of the cash buy-in. You should not be making any more deposit in the tournament after the cash buy-in.
  • All players will get the same number of credits and will be given the same length of time to spin. This ensures that all the players have the same odds to win.
  • The prize distribution should be clear from the very beginning. Usually, the total prize money is divided among the top players that will rank in the tournament. There are also some online casinos that offer consolation prizes.

Apart from these, online casinos may have other rules that you need to consider. Make sure you are well informed so you know what to do even in the midst of the tournament.

Best places to play slots tournaments

There are many online casinos offering slots tournaments every now and then. You might want to make sure you get notifications so you are made aware of upcoming tournaments you can join. The question is, which of these platforms should you choose to play with?

The best online casinos that offer slot machine tournaments usually hold it at least once a month. But that is not your main concern. Your priority should be finding the right tournament that works with your gaming style. That means joining a tournament where you can keep up with the wagering requirements and the gameplay.

Of course, you also have to be careful with the online casino that you will choose to join. Make sure they are secure, safe, and legitimate. You need them to be trustworthy so you will not be scammed out of your money and winnings.

Slots tournaments FAQ

Here are the common FAQs when it comes to slots tournaments.

Are there slots tournaments that are free?

Yes, there are. Usually, these are offered by online casinos to attract new players or to reward loyal ones. While the tournaments are free, you should not expect a high prize out of it.

Is there a best strategy to win?

There are a couple of strategies to win a slot machine tournament – not just one. You need to use up the credits within the timeframe of the tournament. You should also bet the maximum amount and choose a slot game that has the highest number of pay lines.

How often are slots tournaments held?

There should be a slot tournament happening every month. You should probably subscribe to the regular email updates of your favorite online casino to be in the loop of anything that is new.

Is this available on mobile casinos?

This depends on the online casino but the answer to this is – it should. If not, the casino will be left behind by those who have it available to mobile devices.