American Roulette

American Roulette in light yellow text with a Roulette wheel behind it and a green backgroundAs soon as anything trendy appears in the United States, you will quickly see it being adapted to American standards. This is the case for most gadgets, most cars, furniture, and of course games. Sometimes the American versions are nicer looking, more powerful and of better quality than their international counterparts, but when it comes to roulette, this is simply not the case. Roulette originated, as you probably know, in French aristocratic circles. After becoming extremely popular in Europe, the casino game found its way across the Atlantic and was soon to be found in American casinos and gambling halls. Here, it went through a small fine-tuning which simply destroyed the game for most players.

Unfavourable game of roulette

Top view of an American Roulette wheel on a green tableTake our advise – never bet your money on American roulette. There is a simple, yet barely noticeable reason for this. The American roulette wheel has two zeros. Yes, here you will find both a “0” and a “00”, a so-called double zero on the roulette wheel. An easy thing to overlook, but oh boy, it will really change the game for you. See, this double zero changes the odds completely, and doubles the house edge. Which means, simply put, that the casino is making twice the money off you. Your chances are lowered, and the greedy casino cashes in more of your hard-earned funds.

Las Vegas – the City of Sin

Mostly, you will find American roulette in Las Vegas, the worlds most famous gambling town. Along with Atlantic City on the eastern shores of the United States, this is the only place you will find American roulette. As well as some online casinos, of course. There is, however, no need to force yourself into playing this version of the famous casino game, as there is always a European roulette table available as well.

Roulette online vs. offline

There are several pros and cons when it comes to playing roulette, and the first thing you need to decide is whether to play online or offline. Here are a few pros for the online market:

  • Online casinos give out huge welcome bonuses to their players
  • Online casinos offer a wide variety of roulette games, giving you the choice to pick the one you prefer
  • Modern online casinos have a Live roulette version of the game, where you play against real croupiers through a webcam
  • Play from the comfort of your own home, without the need to travel

And here is couple of pros for the offline market:

  • You can experience the real atmosphere of a land based casino, with its smells and lights
  • Offline casinos offer high-rollers free nights at their hotel, as long as they keep playing
  • If ever in doubt, you can always ask the croupier for help when it comes to the rules

Now, let us not forget the cons for the online casinos:

  • An online experience will not give you the sensation of being present at “the real deal”
  • You are completely dependant on internet when you are playing online

And the cons of the offline market:

  • No bonuses. Terrible.
  • Less tables to choose from, and often overcrowded
  • Hotels, flights – the whole package is expensive

So, there you have it – it is up to you what you prefer.

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