Online Slots Reviews

In this section you find the slot reviews that we made. In general we believe more in trying a slot game instead of reading about it. However it can be nice with some clarification sometimes about what the rules are of the specific slot machine.

Each slot machine developer also tends to have a bit of their own style. Therefore the slot games we find can be fairly different.

Some of the slots software´s we review

  • Net Entertainment slots
  • Microgaming slots
  • Playtech slots
  • Yggdrasil slots


Slots with jackpots

One huge factor when choosing a slot machine is regarding if it has a jackpot or not. Slots with jackpots tends to be a bit more expensive to play on when are you doing the normal “grind” on them. The reason is often that some extra money has to be put away for building up a jackpot. The obvious upside is of course that you can hit a jackpot if you are lucky.

Some of the biggest jackpot slot machines are Mega Fortune Dreams and Hall of Gods.  The jackpots on these games are what they call progressive. Which means that when you play them some of your losses are always going to build up that jackpot. At their best times some of these jackpot slot machines have €10 million figures that can be won. Around these times you can usually find very nice promotions for those specific slots as well.


Bonus modes on slots

Another common feature for basically every slot machine is the bonus mode feature. When you enter this on a slot machine its always good news. The only questions is how good news is it. They can be pretty different when it comes to the rewards they give. It can be anything from free spins to bonus spins and other things.

The pattern we found in general is that the easier it is to get in to the bonus mode, the lower are the winnings there. Then also the opposite is true usually, if its hard to get in there, its usually more lucrative once you are in.

  • Easy to enter – Usually means lower winnings
  • Hard to enter – Usually means higher winnings

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing which type of slot game you want to play. Its just a question of personal preference. However it can be a thing to reflect about before choosing your game of the day, depending on what mood you are in. Therefor we think this slot review section hopefully will be of some help to people.