Mega Fortune Dreams Slot

Mega Fortune Dreams, powered by Net Entertainment is fairly new on the scene but is certainly going to make a bit of a splash given the size of the ‘Mega Jackpot’ amounts; truly life changing.

Mega Fortune Dreams is the second slot instalment from Net entertainment, who are obviously keen to make it as successful as its father, giving it a brand new graphics makeover and even more exhilarating game play than ever before.

megafortunedreamsukThe bet limits are very lenient, allowing users to place almost as little or as much as they like on each spin, ranging from as little as 20 cents to 80 Euros in each spin. If you couple this flexibility with the extensive range of settings and features that can be adjusted to your liking then it makes for a very malleable gaming experience. It’s a genuine pleasure to use the mega Fortune Dreams game platform.

Mega Fortune Dreams consists of 5 separate reels with 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines and much like other slot games in the past, identical symbols on a bet line from the leftmost reel to the farthest right. The wild symbols feature is what makes this game exciting, from first play to hundredth play. Wild symbols will appear over any symbols (except for bonus game symbols and scatter symbols) to generate the highest possible winning line. The winnings of any bet line that includes a wild symbol will be automatically multiplied by ten!

Mega Fortune Dreams free spins

megafortunedreamsuk1The appearance of three or more wild symbols grants a re-spin, which in turn can produce the free spin and bonus game, but not at the same time. The free spin game automatically triples any winnings but this multiplier can also be boosted by the presence of scatter symbols on the bet lines, up to a maximum of ten times multiplication.

If you are skilled enough to enter the bonus game mode, you will be greeted with a wheel of fortune type game where you can win coins to continue playing with, or a cash jackpot, ranging from around five hundred Euros to a grand prize of several millions of Euros.

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Mega Fortune Dreams mobile

Want to play the game on the go? That is entirely possible – there is a Mega Fortune Dreams Touch version available for both iOS and Android units, making it possible to play the slot on both smartphones and tablets.

Where to play Mega Fortune Dreams

So where can I play Mega Fortune Dreams Slot games? Well, a lot of places. The game is currently playable on Bet 365, Unibet, Mr Smith, Casino Betsson, Comeon Casino and of course, directly from Net Entertainment, as well as many other platforms. So what’s stopping you, give it a go and Happy playing.


A gorgeous looking game with a very obvious route to big cash prizes, what’s not to like? Net Entertainment are a highly regarded company with a good track record of paying out very large winnings. Couple this with their unwavering dedication to responsible gambling and the only conclusion to come to is that Mega Fortune Dreams is bound to be as popular, if not more popular than the original.