The Sopranos Slot

Playtech are back with another TV show themed slot game and this time they have focused on The Sopranos, you know, the one where everyone and everyone’s mums are gangsters, yeah that one!

This game features 5 reels and 25 potential paylines meaning it is bang in line with the other games you have grown to love from Playtech. The stake amounts range from 25 pence to an absolutely whopping 1250 pound per spin which frankly is more than even the most well-oiled and hardened gamer would throw around normally on a slot game, this really is a game for the big boys.

All of your favourite characters from the show are featured in this game; Tony, Paulie, Johnny, Christopher, Bobby and Artie appear from time to time.

thesopranosslotuk1There are plenty of bonus game features in The Sopranos slot game and each of them offer their own exhilarating benefits and challenges which I will outline later but before that, the base game has a Raid bonus feature. In this feature you will be shown four envelopes with double your stake in them. Then you hide them in any variation of 4 different hideouts hoping that when the raid comes, immediately afterwards, the two hideouts they raid don’t have any of your cash in them. The remaining cash, in any untouched hideouts, is credited to you. Nice and simple and pretty fun.

I mentioned bonus game features and as I said, there are a few of them. Two of the bonus game features are pretty simple and one of them is a whole other issue with about 4 bonus features contained within it.

The simple bonus games are the Stolen Goods bonus game and Bada Bing bonus game. Start the Stolen Goods bonus feature by getting a Stolen Goods symbol on reels 1 and 5 and then you will get to choose 3 boxes containing random amounts of cash in a stick or twist scenario. The Bada Bing feature is activated by getting a Bada Bing symbol on each of reel 2, 3 and 4 at the same time and once activated you choose one of the 5 characters who will reward you with a cash bonus Pretty simple.

The Sopranos free spins

sopranosuk2The real fun starts when you manage to activate the Crime Family free spin feature which as I said, contains 4 different modes within it. You activate this free spin feature by getting 3 Sopranos scatter symbols on the reels and then you get to choose your game mode from either Soldier free mode, Capo free mode, Boss free mode or Family free mode. You start by default with the Soldier free mode but the others can be unlocked through playing. Each of these different modes has various rules and gives you different rewards, mainly focused on free spins, Wilds and multipliers but the fun is in finding out which you prefer best and which gives you the greatest return. Read more about free spins here.

The Sopranos mobile

As of right now, there is only an online version of The Sopranos and we will most likely have to wait a while longer for a mobile version. If such a one is created, it is likely to be both for Android and iOS.

Where to play The Sopranos

If you want to play The Sopranos your best bet is visiting Bet 365, Slots Heaven, Betfair or There are plenty of other casinos with this game on offer, too.


The Sopranos slot game from Playtech really is a treat on the eyes and certainly can be a treat on the wallet with potentially big winnings coming at very regular intervals. You won’t run out of game features to explore and you’ll probably find yourself craving a Sopranos boxset marathon by the end. With any luck you will have won enough to buy one!