Bonus spins

Bonus spins means that you are getting spins on slot games by making a deposit with the casino.  So the difference between the bonus spins and free spins is that they bonus spins require a deposit. We often see that casino rooms actually market themselves by saying they offer free spins when it’s actually bonus spins. This is of course no surprise since rules always are bent and twisted when it comes to marketing but of course we would prefer if the casino rooms could be more clear when promoting their welcome packages.

  • Bonus spins – Deposit required
  • Free spins – No deposit required


Casino room
No Deposit Bonus
Leo Vegas
/ 10
100% up to £400
120 Spins
T&C's Apply +18
VooDoo Dreams
7.4 / 10
100% up to £1000
220 Spins
T&C's Apply +18
Vegas Hero
7.2 / 10
100% up to £200
100 spins
T&C's Apply +18
7.3 / 10
100% up to £200
255 spins
T&C's Apply +18
Play Club Casino
7.1 / 10
100% up to £200
100 Spins
T&C's Apply +18
/ 10
100% up to £155
T&C's Apply +18
8.3 / 10
100% up to £100
120 bonus spins
T&C's Apply +18
High Roller Casino
7.8 / 10
50 spins
20 coins
T&C's Apply +18
8.9 / 10
Up to 200 Cash Spins
T&C's Apply +18
Vegas Luck
8.5 / 10

You will find bonus spins offers here on our site as well. We do of course always try to provide free spins instead and most offers we have are actually free spins. However sometimes the bonus spins can be of really good value as well when you decide to try a new casino.

There is usually a minimum amount of deposit that is required to get the bonus spins. This is because when a casino decides to give for example 100 bonus spins they will need to protect themselves a bit from bonus abuse. Another thing that comes with the bonus spins is usually some wagering requirements. This means that the amount you win with the bonus spins will need to be wagered a certain amount of times before you will be able to cash this money out to your bank account.

Even though there is minimum deposit required as well as wagering requirements on bonus spins they still have some value most times. You do get that extra chance to win some money at the same time as you get more playing time as well.

Bonus spins promotions

Bonus spins promotions for players that already have accounts with the casino rooms are also increasing. They are becoming more and more popular and we see these types of offers more often from the casino rooms. These are the type of promotions that are valid for existing players and will give something that reminds of a welcome bonus even though the player is not a new player.

For the casino rooms this is of course a way to become more likable with the existing players and for the players it’s simply just some good value and fun promotion to enjoy. These types of bonus spin promotions do sometime offer a few different options where different amounts of bonus spins can be collected depending on how much the player deposits. That’s of course very good since players usually have different preferences of how much they want to deposit.

When is the bonus spins activated?

  • Directly when you make a deposit
  • The day after
  • Some each week for a few weeks

Sometimes, in the best case scenario you get the bonus spins directly after you have made the deposits. This is of course the preferred option for you as a player. Other times you might have to wait for the following day before you get those bonus spins. This is also a common option for many casino rooms that offer these types of bonus spins promotions. It’s most likely a technical reason for it. Their system might just update once a day to check what players that has made the deposit for the promotion.

Then there is also another type of activation type. Some casino rooms give out the bonus spins over a period of a few weeks. When they do this it’s usually bonus spins that has been given with the welcome package. An example of how this could work would be that each Wednesday at a specific time you get a certain amount of your welcome package. It then goes on for a few weeks until you have received the full package of bonus spins.

From the casino rooms type of view it’s because they want to keep the player active on their casino site over a longer period of time. As a player you might enjoy it though since you will have something each week to enjoy without having to make a deposit again. Everybody prefers different things though so surely some will prefer to get all those bonus spins right away.