Best bingo sites online 2024

Welcome to the ultimate bingo guide that list the best bingo sites online. We also provide an in depth information about all other aspects of the bingo culture and how the game is played. We have some lucrative offers below with some of the bingo rooms we consider to be excellent. Feel free to give anyone of them a try.

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What makes it the best

To be able rank a bingo site as either good or bad we need to have some variables to measure. Here comes information on what we have regarded as important when you evaluate a bingo site.

  • Pyramid of Bingo balls on white backgroundThe speed of bingo site
  • The design of the bingo site
  • The welcome bonus
  • The amount of promotions they run
  • How fast you can cash out from the bingo site
  • How many deposit/withdrawal options they offer
  • The bingo sites support

These seven things have been the leading variables for us when looking at what isthe best bingo sites online.

Free bingo games online

It is actually possible to enjoy free bingo online. This can happen in mainly two different ways. If the bingo site offers players something free on registration, similar to free spins,  it means that you can play a bit of free bingo on their site in the beginning for fun.

A better version of free bingo site is when the site keeps offering their players free money bingo on a regular basis. When bingo sites do this it is usually during specific hours of the day that it happens and also specific times of the week. The free bingo game is then usually running for around 30 minutes or 1 hour of time. In general these free bingo promotions are offered on a bit lower stakes.

You winnings on free bingo games will sometimes be able to withdrawal directly. Other times they might require you to wager that free bingo money a bit first.

Free bingo no deposit

Playing a free bingo no deposit game means that you didn’t have to make any type of deposit to get your free bingo money. Therefore the site is qualified to be called a free bingo site. After that you have registered for the free bingo with free sign up bonus it is usually required that confirm you email with the bingo site.

New player bingo bonus offers

For new players that register it´s usually a bingo bonus offers available. These can be of different sizes depending on what bingo site you choose. Some of them offer a high bonus percentage but low total bing bonus amount. Others have it the opposite way around. It is a personal preference for anyone what suits them best.

Key factors when looking a bingo bonuses

It is not always so simple that you can just look at the current bingo bonus offers and say which one is the best. The reason for this is the different terms and conditions that each bingo site uses for their bonus. In general the more generous bingo bonuses will have more strict demands when it comes to certain aspects. We listed the most common to be aware of below:

  • Wagering demands
  • Maximum payout demands

The wagering demands can sometimes be very hard to achieve if they are set to high. Around 30 times is in our opinion a fair number for wagering looking at many different bingo sites.

Another key factor for bingo bonuses is the maximum payout demands. For some bingo bonuses that are very generous it’s a limit on how much you can cash out with that bonus. This means that there is a hidden downside to choosing this type of bonus which many might not know about until they read those terms and conditions.

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Benefits of UK bingo sites

While playing bingo online it is often good to be on a UK specific site. There is many different reasons for this and we will discuss some of them here.

Language: If you play on a UK bingo site it will surely be English language on the bingo site. This assures that navigation on the homepage will be more smooth for you.

Support: A UK bingo site will surly offer you support from English speaking people. That means you can enjoy the English language both when emailing and when making a phone call to the site if it is needed.

UK license: Online sites that offer gambling in UK are supposed to have a UK license. Playing on a UK bingo site will almost surely ensure that the site have this license. It is something you can read about in the bottom part of the front page of a bingo site. As a player this is of value since it put certain demands on the site. It is a protection for you as a customer to not get scammed.

Pound currency: Playing on a UK bingo site will let you play in pounds. This is of course more comfortable and also it ensures less of currency exchange fee´s and other problems which can occur when you have to play in another currency then pound.

UK promotions: You have a bigger chancing of finding promotions suitable for someone that lives in UK. An example of this would be a Premier League football game which players can win tickets too.

To summarize it all a UK bingo site will offer you a more suitable experience if you are playing from the UK. Unless the things we have mentioned above is not something you care about we recommend that you make sure the site has a UK license.

Play bingo online vs Live bingo

Image of scattered Bingo balls and cards on white backgroundThe difference between online bingo and live bingo are not that big. However there are some benefits with both of them. It all depends on the preference of the person actually. We will try to explain some of the benefits with each one of them here.

Online bingo benefits

The travel distance to your laptop compared to a live bingo room will be very different. Playing bingo online means you can just play very quick and easily at your own convenience at anytime and anywhere.

Another great aspect of online bingo is the bonuses that you get as a new player signing up with them. These are usually a bit lucrative and will give you more play time than you might have had with only your initial deposit. In the best case it also leads to a higher won amount as well.

The online bingo game is usually faster. For anyone that likes more quick action this can therefore be more optimal. You can definitely play through more bingo cards when you do it online.

Live bingo benefits

The big benefit with live bingo is in our opinion people. You get a chance to meet new people while you are doing a hobby which you enjoy. The people around you obviously have a similar hobby so the chance to make a friend should be fairly good.

Another powerful factor is that the feeling of winning live can often be stronger compared to online. It just feels more real and you might have a better experience because of the surrounding people supporting you.

High stakes bingo online

High stakes bingo online is the option for anyone that likes to play bingo with lots of money. This means that you will bet maximum on each bingo card that you buy. In general people that are high stakes bingo players play more than one bingo card at a time. If a players is using up to 10 different bingo cards at the same time and also max betting on all of them it would be what is considered a high stakes bingo player.

Bingo rules and types of Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

The most common type of bingo is called 90 ball bingo. This is the main type of bingo played in UK and Europe. The 90 ball bingo card looks the following way:

  • 3 horizontal lines
  • 9 columns
  • Starting from left top corner to right bottom numbered 1-90.

When people play this type of bingo they look to complete one of the horizontal lines first. The second goal will be to have two lines.

75 Ball Bingo

The 75 ball bingo version is the mainstream version in North America. The bingo cards in 75 ball bingo looks the following way.

  • 5 horizontal lines
  • 5 columns

The way to win in this game can be different depending on what rules that are decided ahead of the game.

30 Ball Bingo

The 30 ball bingo game is a more new version compared to the other we mentioned before this. The bingo card will look the following way:

  • 3 horizontal lines
  • 3 colums

The goal in this game is to fill up the card completely. The player that does it first is the winner. This is a quicker version compared to 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo. Since this type of bingo is not as popular in general we don’t find it as often on online bingo sites. There is however some sites that do offer it and we believe more will do so in the future.

Mobile bingo games

A new great feature is that we can now play bingo on our mobile phones. This gives you a great possibility to enjoy bingo anywhere. The good bingo sites have today adopted their bingo sites to have two versions. This means that you will get a special version of the bingo site optimized for your phone. This will make it run more smoothly and more easy to navigate on.

Bingo apps

When playing bingo with either mobile or tablets it is possible to do so with apps as well. This can sometimes have the benefit that it gets even more smooth and fast while you play. Playing with bingo apps can also be considered as more secure. Apps released from either playstore or itunes are supposed to be check for bugs or different error and some extra security should come from this.

Different Bingo balls exploding out of a tablet lying on top of a green table

The history of bingo

Exactly where bingo originated from is not concluded. There are mentions of bingo games in texts from the beginning of 1800 century. In these texts the game described is bingo but the name of the game is however different. It is not until around 1928 that there are signs of the actual name bingo getting used while playing this game.

The version always mentioned in the past is the 90 ball bingo version. There are also pictures available from this time where we can see clearly that it is the classic 90 ball bingo cards which are used while they are playing.

The story about how the word bingo came to life goes back to United States in 1929. They were using beans for covering the numbers on the cards. One lady is rumored that got excited while playing then apparently screamed bingo(instead of beans) by mistake and from there the word bingo grew.

Interesting books about bingo

There are books to read about bingo as well. For instance there are rule books, history books and a few other types. When it comes to history books there are several different ones to choose from. One example of a bingo book with lots of history about the game is listed below:

  • Gambling Times Guide to Bingo by Roger Snowden

Then there is course a lot of bingo books with covering game strategies. These are in our opinion not worth reading since bingo is a game of luck. It is a game where we don’t make choices but simply sit back and relax to see what happens. This is what is beautiful with the bingo game, its simplicity.

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