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In the 21st century loads of new and interesting ways to have fun have arisen, mostly due to the internet becoming widely available across the globe. There are so many ways to get entertained without leaving your house at the moment, that you can enjoy even the coldest nights during winter or those sad days when you have fallen ill. One of the most trending ways to entertain yourself online and at the same time get the adrenalin we all are searching for, is by registering at an online casino. Dozens of these are available online, and most have several bonuses to get you started.

No deposit bonuses

Photo of the top half of a roulette wheel with red stars and blue chips over and behind itIf you are a newbie in the world of online gambling, there is no need to feel insecure about the games. See, a few of the online casinos will offer you a no deposit bonus to welcome you into their enticing world, a bonus which will make you relax and feel comfortable from the very beginning of your casino journey. The no deposit bonuses are extremely lucrative, since they are given free of charge. Nothing is expected of you in return, except that you try out the games on offer and have fun doing so. If you are lucky, you could even win some money! Any no deposit bonus consists of free cash to get you going, and the prizes that could show up during your first rounds of play are completely real.

First deposit / Welcome bonus

If you are looking to jump right into the fast-paced action that any online casino is offering, the welcome packages should be enough to make sure you have enough funds to try out most of the different games. First deposit bonuses are the biggest of their kind, and you could be looking at anything up to a thousand euros on top of your deposit. The first deposit bonus, which is part of most welcome bonuses out there, is usually also called a match bonus. This is because the casino will match any amount you deposit yourself. Meaning that if you deposit 100 euros, you will receive 100 euros in bonus funds. Those of you who are looking to up your game and go for the biggest prizes, should really take advantage of the huge welcome bonuses out there.

Reload bonus

Once you have played through both your No deposit bonus and your First deposit bonus, its time to look out for special deals, competitions, tournaments and so-called Reload bonuses. A reload bonus is just what it sound like – you deposit more funds, and get another match bonus on top of your transfer. Most reload bonuses are not as big as the initial first deposit ones, but they can surely add some spice to your chosen evening of online entertainment. Most solid online casinos offer their players reload bonuses from time to time, make sure you pick a website that keeps you going, keeps you happy. None of us like to feel left out once our first deposit is done.

Loyalty bonus

Photo of a part of a roulette wheelAs mentioned above, any solid online casino should take good care of their players. Reload bonuses are the most important ones, but loyalty points are also given out by most of the bigger websites offering casino games. A loyalty bonus is quite easy to figure out. For every round of play on the casino games offered (or simply for logging in), you receive loyalty points. They can be called differently, but all work in the same manner. Once you have gathered enough points, its up to you what you want to exchange them for. This could be free spins, a cash bonus or some cool gadgets.

Referral bonus

Do you know anyone who would enjoy the same games as you are playing, on the same online casino? Make them join your chosen place, and the casino will give you a referral bonus. These referral bonuses are, however, only handed out once your friend makes a deposit, so make sure they actually start playing.

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