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There are literally hundreds of books out there that claim they have the secret of how to win at roulette and other casino games. Before buying any of them, please understand one simple fact: Casino games have a house edge which always makes the players lose their funds over a certain period of time. Some win, some lose, but in general the casino makes money. Yes, they are making money off small margins and during the course of a year, but all in all, every casino game is created for making the house take your funds. Do not let these books tell you differently, and, quite frankly, good books will tell you the exact same thing. Good roulette books will explain in detail how you can avoid going broke after a few minutes, and how you can lower the house edge to minimum, hence making your chances of a lucky streak higher. Only by acknowledging this, and using the knowledge while keeping cool, will you be able to make decent money off the different games. Now, enough chitchat, let’s have a look at a few good roulette books:

Secrets of Winning Roulette by Marten Jensen

Image of the book cover of the Secrets Of Winning Roulette by Marten JensenThis is probably the most classic roulette book out there, and if you want to up your game straight away this is the must buy. Instead of fooling you into thinking that any one strategy is perfect, Jensen explains in detail how the game works, and how you should mix different techniques into roulette in order to become a winning player. Secrets of Winning Roulette is probably the most valuable resource out there, and if combined with a few other titles we are getting to, you will surely see a big change in your roulette streaks.

Spin Roulette Gold by Frank Scoblete

The author, Frank Scoblete, is a legend of the roulette game, and has been banned from several casinos for knowing their weaknesses and taking full advantage of them. With his insights and incredible techniques, you might learn a thing or two. Spin Roulette Gold also reveals a few secrets that professionals use, something which might come in handy when you are stuck in a difficult situation or with a dilemma you do not want to face alone.

Beating the Wheel by Russel T. Barnhart

This book keeps the promise, in terms of the title. It is a guide on how to discover roulette wheels with minor flaws. When this occurs, they tend to be more predictable, and the chances of winning increases. This is a method that can be used in any casino.

Roulette Raider by Jake Castle

Image of the book cover of Roulette Raider! by Jake CastleNow, this is one of those “I know the best strategy out there” books, but it is actually quite a good one. Jake Castle uses maths, science, logic and statistics to even further lower the house edge. Do not be led into thinking that this is a fool proof method, but it could actually work if you stay calm through the entire game and follow his advice down to every word.

Gambling 102 by Michael Shackleford

If you want to explore all casino games out there and find a way to minimize the house edge, no matter which one you choose for the evening, this is the book to read in advance. It gives you quick, precise and smart advises on all the different casino games out there. Gambling 101 was a hit by the same writer, but Gambling 102 has been proven to be even better.

Gamblers Fight Back by Greg Elder

Based on a true story, Greg Elder is more or less telling the story of his life in this book. It might not give you any professional advice or show you any “tricks” of casino games, but it might just set the mood for your life-changing career switch. Follow the path of Greg as he rose up from nothing and became a multi-millionaire in no time. Gamblers Fight Back is all about ambitions and the right atmosphere.

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