Mobile Roulette Games

The mobile version of Roulette is the latest development of Roulette. It does not differ remarkably from the online computer version but it has some distinctive advantages and disadvantages in comparison to the PC version. What is worth noting here is that the mobile version and the games differ depending on the game platform. However, there are still some general similarities that make it possible to do a pros and cons list.

Pros and Cons with mobile Roulette


  • One of the biggest advantages of having Roulette on your phone is the accessibility. The aspect of portability weighs high here meaning that you can bring the game with you wherever you are, that being on the bus, in your house or at work.
  • Another major pro is the memory of the game in the phone. If something would happen to your phone after placing a bet, say the battery goes flat or you loose connection, the result of the last bet will be saved and the option of checking the result of the previous game is available for you through an audit trail.


  • The comfort ability factor might lack here though. Players who are used to play on the computer will see the difference in visuals, as both the screen and the symbols are smaller. Also, the keypad of a phone is a bit harder to manage when playing.
  • The sudden loss of mobile Internet connection is probably something that would irritate the average player trying to play a game of Roulette. Although, as mentioned in the ‘pros’, there is a function saving the result. Nevertheless it is a source of irritation if one constantly gets interrupted and thrown out of the game when wanting to play.

Androids and iPhones

Image of a live roulette mobile gameOne of the popular apps created is called Live Roulette and works on Android tablets and smartphones. This app enables you to socialise with both dealers and players, and it spins the wheel for free. For several reasons, this is a unique Android app.

On the iPhone side the Roulette Mobile takes the prize with outstanding design and graphics as well as greatly developed game play. This game is available for iPads as well as iPhone and it allows you to use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect with friends, making it a social event. It has five different Roulette tables in order to match the tastes of different players.

Get started

  • Depending on what casino you choose to go with, you will have to fill in your personal information and phone information, which is halfway to create an account.
  • Following, a text message is usually sent in order to verify the account and the data.
  • Thereafter, it is possible to download the casino and/or game on your smartphone.
  • Once the app is downloaded, complete the registration and the account and start playing. Usually it is only required to log in with username and password the first time you enter.

Go ahead and start playing!

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