Grosvenor casino Sheffield

General Information

The Grosvenor Casino in Sheffield offers a blend of traditional and state of the art gaming, perfect for the powerhouse city of Sheffield. The Grosvenor Casino in Sheffield is situated right in the middle of the City near the A61. As has become expected from modern day casinos, The Grosvenor Casino has a plethora of activities to entertain punters with besides the gaming, which is widely regarded to be the best in Sheffield.

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GrosvenorsheffieldMembership to the Grosvenor Casino Sheffield is not a necessity, and bidding punters can just turn up and get in for free, assuming they have followed the correct dress code – however, that isn’t to say that there aren’t some excellent benefits to becoming a member. Regular promotions and special offers are available to all guests, but more often than not the best offers and promotions are reserved for the members. Fortunately it is really easy to sign up: people can sign up online, over the phone, via post, or in the old fashioned way of turning up and signing up to membership there and then.

What is there to do at Grosvenor Casino Sheffield?

Besides the gambling and gaming there is a huge amount to do at the Grosvenor Casino Sheffield. The restaurant on site serves delicious food that has been expertly cooked by trained chefs pretty much throughout the day and is very reasonably priced considering the quality. The ambience of the restaurant matches the quality of the food as well and makes it feel as though you are in a casino, which is a huge accomplishment. For anyone that doesn’t want a full meal, possibly because they don’t want to be away from the action for too long, there is also a light bites menu which is equally as delicious, but generally quicker to cook and eat.

Add to the excellent restaurant a couple of superb bars and it is safe to say that the Grosvenor Casino Sheffield is certainly a fun night out and one that can cater to pretty much anything. The excellent bars at the Grosvenor Casino Sheffield serves up all of your favourite drinks as well as some of the less well known cocktails from around the world.

Drink, dining and gaming aren’t the only things on offer at the Grosvenor Casino, though. Entertainment in various forms is available pretty much all year round on various nights of the week. The best thing to do is check the calendar to keep on top of the events as there will definitely be something you wouldn’t want to miss. One of the best things about Grosvenor Casino Sheffield is that you can visit at the beginning or end of a night out, or anytime in the middle, and they will be able to cater to you. In fact, spending the whole night there is often a good idea as well, just so you have time to do everything.

Obviously, most customers will be visiting the casino for gaming, and the Grosvenor casino has that in spades. Customers can try their hand at a whole range of games including Roulette, Poker, Three Card Poker, Punto Blanco, Dice games and much more. Accompanying these classic table games are also electronic games, including electronic Roulette, electronic Slot machines and others.


All in all, The Grosvenor Casino Sheffield is one of the best casinos available in the north of England, perhaps even the whole of Britain, and offers everything an experienced or novice gambler could want. The restaurant is excellent and the bars are relaxing, well staffed and reasonably priced. The location is as good as it gets and the fun never stops at the Grosvenor Casino Sheffield.