Grosvenor casino Liverpool

General Information

GrosvenorcasinoThe Grosvenor Casino in Liverpool is perhaps more affectionately known as The Leo Casino, and it offers a blend of traditional and state of the art gaming, perfect for the historical, yet modern city of Liverpool. The Grosvenor Casino in Liverpool is situated on the Queens Dock, next to the historic Albert Dock. This area has recently undergone massive regeneration making the area one of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of Liverpool with high end shops, boutique coffee shops and other delightful little finds around every corner. As has become expected from modern day casinos, Leo Casino has a plethora of activities to entertain punters with besides the gaming, which is widely regarded to be some of the best in Liverpool.

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Membership to the Grosvenor Casino Liverpool is not a necessity and bidding punters can just turn up and get in for free, assuming they have followed the correct dress code, however that isn’t to say that there aren’t some excellent benefits to becoming a member. Regular promotions and special offers are available to all guests but more often than not the best offers and promotions are reserved for the members. Fortunately it is really easy to sign up: people can sign up online, over the phone, via post or in the old fashioned way of turning up and signing up to membership there and then.

What is there to do at Grosvenor Casino Liverpool?

There is a huge amount to do at Grosvenor Casino Liverpool besides the excellent gambling and gaming on offer. Firstly there is the restaurant, which serves excellent food at a reasonable price pretty much the entire time that the casino is open. There are excellent restaurants and cafes in the near vicinity thanks to the Albert Dock regeneration but the one within the casino is just as good as the rest, and much closer to the action of the gaming floor. As well as the main menu there is also a lighter bites menu for punters to sink their teeth into if they don’t want to drag themselves away from the Roulette table for too long.

As well as the restaurant there are a couple of excellent bars at the Grosvenor Casino Liverpool serving up all of your favourite drinks as well as some of the less well known cocktails from around the world. The bar staff are professional and very welcoming and the bar is a great place to meet your friends or colleagues before a big night of gambling and fun.

Drink, dining and gaming aren’t the only things on offer at the Grosvenor Casino though, there is entertainment available at certain times of the week as well. On Fridays there are normally shows ranging from swing to blues to jazz and lots more, so if gaming isn’t your thing there are still some things to keep you entertained.

Obviously though, gaming is what the Grosvenor Casino is most famous for and they do an excellent job of it. Punters can try their hand at a whole range of games including Roulette, Poker, Three Card Poker, Punto Blanco, Dice games and much more. As well as these classic table games there are also electronic games including electronic Roulette, electronic Slot machines and others. The Poker is one of the most well attended tables in the Grosvenor Casino and they have regular tournaments with big jackpots. The best way to keep up to date with all of these tournaments and jackpots is to keep an eye on the calendar on the aforementioned website.


All in all, The Grosvenor Casino Liverpool is an excellent casino offering everything a bidding punter could want, from fine dining to fine drinking and fun gambling. The locations is fantastic and the service is exemplary. The Grosvenor Casino Liverpool is a great night out.