Pay N Play Casinos In Canada: Play Without Delay This 2022

Pay N Play Casinos In Canada: Play Without Delay This 2021

Pay N Play Casinos in Canada are now available! While the country wasn’t one of the first to accept this innovative product, those days are now behind us.

Canadian players can now enjoy the quick process that’s made possible by this incredible platform from Trustly.

In this article, you’ll learn more about how Pay N Play works and how Canadian online players can have a better gaming experience because of it.

Start playing without delay in Canada

Who likes waiting to play online casino games? And who likes filling out registrations forms before being allowed to play?

Thanks to the availability of Pay N Play casinos in Canada, there’s no need to worry about this.

Pay N Play makes it possible for Canadian players to immediately play their favorite online casino games. Even the deposit and withdrawal process is faster.

But how did this happen? It all began with a survey that Trustly conducted across the EU market. Apparently, more than 9 out of 10 online casino players want access to their winnings as soon as possible. They revealed that if it was made possible, they would most likely play longer at online casinos.

It’s not unlikely that Canadian online players feel the same way. And it’s a good thing that Pay N Play is now available in Canada.

Best Pay N Play Casinos in Canada

Pay N Play casinos in Canada are still gaining ground. But it won’t be long before more online casinos will allow the use of Pay N Play. As online players understand how convenient it can be, the demand will be created.

Online casinos in Canada value convenience and safety above all. So in the spirit of providing a great gaming experience, they’ll soon start using Pay N Play.

For now, here are the three online casinos in Canada using Pay N Play.

Casumo Casino

100% up to $1800 for the first 3 deposits


  • Unique theme and easily navigational interface
  • Has more than 300 popular online casino games
  • Offers a progressive rewards system tied with the online casino’s storyline
  • High RTP (return to player) rate at 97.27%
  • With mobile version and app that’s compatible with both iOS and Android


  • Limited live casino options
  • No customer support through phone

Leo Vegas Casino

100% up to $1500, 250 free spins


  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Seamless mobile casino experience
  • Modern interface
  • Has live casino


  • Support for the desktop version isn’t as impressive as the mobile version
  • Limited availability of customer support

Wildz Casino

100% up to $500, 200 free spins


  • Gives a weekly 20% cashback
  • Regular and tailored promotions
  • 24/7 live support


  • Does not offer customer support via phone

How to spot the best Pay N Play Casinos in Canada

As more and more online casinos integrate with Pay N Play in Canada, make sure you know what separates the best from the mediocre ones.

Without a doubt, Pay N Play makes the whole gaming experience quite attractive. They’ve made it as seamless as possible. How?

They removed the long registration process and the lengthy processing period for withdrawals. So if an online casino decides to partner with Pay N Play, that alone makes them one of the best already.

Here are other signs that separate the best Pay N Play casinos from the rest.

Fast withdrawal speed

The withdrawal process is one of the issues that Pay N Play is trying to solve. According to the survey conducted by Trustly, a fast withdrawal process will make online players spend more time playing.

This is why if you play at Pay N Play casinos, you can bet that they’ll make sure you get your withdrawals quickly.

High transaction limit

Bank transfers usually have a higher limit than other online casino payment options. Fortunately, Pay N Play acts as a bank transfer. That means you’re allowed to withdraw a higher amount.

Of course, you still have to check the limit with your bank. Check the online casino operator as well. They’ll be the ones affecting your transaction limits as well. Usually, the information is available in their FAQ section.

Convenient gaming experience

This is the primary goal of Pay N Play. The creators sought to make processes convenient for Canadian online players. Not only is the registration fast, but every payment transaction is also straightforward.

If the Pay N Play casinos in Canada opted to get the Pure version, you can immediately play after making the first deposit. When you log out and then come back, you can just choose “Resume Play” and you can go back to whatever you were doing.

But that’s not the only convenience you can experience. Pay N Play also works across different mobile devices. You can access these online casinos from anywhere.

Safe and secure transactions

The best proof that Pay N Play is safe and secure lies in the company that started it all, Trustly. The company is under stringent data security standards. This is a mandate from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Because of that, Trustly, and in effect Pay N Play, is careful about the online casinos they partner with. You can be assured that they’ll check that the online casino adheres to the security standards of their local regulatory authority.

Among the security measures should include state-of-the-art encryption technology, regular auditing by a third party company, etc. The focus is on the privacy and confidentiality of online player data and fair gameplay.

Responsive customer support

The best online casinos should have equally responsive customer support. This is actually what makes them one of the best.

They don’t have to offer 24/7 customer support – although that would be great for Canadian online players. But at the very least, they should be available through multiple platforms like live chat, email, and phone. Having a comprehensive FAQ section is also a good idea.

Impressive game selections

Finally, the game selections are very important. This is the main reason why Canadian players go to online casinos. They want to play their games. So you have to make sure that your preferred online games are available.

Check out the online casino games like slots, table games, and even their live casino games. See if their site is easy to navigate so you can find your preferred games quickly. You can also check if they have your preferred game developers.

How to start playing at Pay N Play casinos in Canada

banner play at pay and play casinos

The process to start playing in Pay N Play casinos is very straightforward. But before we get into that, you should know that there are two ways that online casinos can integrate Pay N Play into their system, the Pure and Hybrid versions.

The Pure version is when it’s the only payment option accepted by the online casino. The Hybrid version is when Pay N Play is presented as an option among other payment methods.

The information that will be discussed in this part of the article is applicable for online casinos using the Pure version of Pay N Play.

Making the first deposit

When you open the URL of a Pay N Play casino, you’d expect that you’ll be signing up and giving your information. You won’t. Instead, you have to look for the button to make a deposit.

When you find it, the Trustly iframe will pop up. Here you’ll be able to choose the bank that you want to use to fund your online casino games.

After making the choice, you then log in using your e-Banking credentials. It follows the usual procedure of providing two-factor authentication. If you’re not aware of this, immediately arrange to have this set up with your bank. It’s one of the most effective ways to secure your bank account.

Once your credentials and authentication are recognized, it’s time to input the amount that you want to deposit into the online casino. Make sure you choose the CAD currency. In most cases, you’ll be asked to go through the two-factor authentication again.

After the authentication, you can start playing. Your account is already created and funded.

How the online casino account was created

You might be thinking – but I didn’t create an account. How can the online casino recognize me and the games I play?

Let’s explain what happened behind the scenes.

While you were busy making your first deposit and waiting for it to be processed, the bank and the online casino have been communicating behind it all.

Since your bank already went through the process and verification of your identity, it already met the KYC (know your customer) standards of the industry. They already have the proof and documents that you submitted when you opened your bank account.

This is what the bank will do for you. Through the Trustly iframe, they’ll confirm to the online casino that you are a legitimate person. They will vouch for your identity.

Because of this exchange, the online casino will be the one to create your account for you. They’ll use the information that the online bank will provide. Don’t worry because all of these happen using highly secure encryption technology. Any exchange of information will be secure. And the information that will be given is the same ones that you usually provide online casinos anyway.

This is the whole process that happens while you’re making the first deposit.

It’s why you can already start playing immediately after the deposit comes through.

Leaving and resuming your games at the online casino

Now here’s a question, what if you want to stop playing at the Pay N Play casino?

The process is just as straightforward as when you started. You just close the online casino. Well, at least, close the tab.

In case you want to play again, just open the online casino. In the Pure version of the Pay N Play, you’ll see the option to “Resume Play.” Just click that and you’ll be required to input your e-Banking credentials once more. If you don’t want to make a deposit, just click the option not to.

Then you can continue playing where you stopped.

About making withdrawals

Just like how easy it was to start playing, make a deposit, and stop and resume playing…

The withdrawal is just as quick and straightforward.

Once you’ve logged into the Pay N Play online casino using your e-Banking details, look for your balance. Near that, you’ll see the Withdrawal button. Click it and enter the amount you want to cash out.

Make sure that the amount you’ll enter isn’t more than what you have in your actual balance. Not only that but if you’re withdrawing the amount that you got from a bonus package, see if you’ve completed the wagering requirements. You should also look at the terms and conditions. Make sure you haven’t compromised your winnings.

After confirming all that, you can submit your withdrawal request. It should all be processed immediately.

All about the Pay N Play technology

You’re probably feeling impressed with what Pay N Play casinos in Canada can offer, you’re probably curious about the whole technology behind it.

Without a doubt, this technology will bring forth a massive change in the online casino industry. It removed the main struggle that online players, including Canadians, and struggling with. It’s the long registration process and the long deposit ad withdrawal process.

How exactly does this all happen?

The 2 Pay N Play versions

It was mentioned earlier in the article that there are two versions of the Pay N Play technology. Let’s get into the details so you’ll recognize what the online casino is using.

Pay N Play Pure Version

If the online casino offers only the Pay N Play option to make a deposit or withdrawal, then they’re using the Pure Version. According to the creators, offering Pay N Play as the only payment method is ideal for new online casinos – or the old ones wishing to rebrand themselves.

If the Pure version is used, you can play your games immediately. You don’t have to complete an online registration form. There’s also no need to verify your identity.

When you get to the online casino, you’ll be asked to make a deposit. A Trustly iframe will pop up and it will prompt you to choose the online bank that you want to get the funds from. You’ll be asked to input your login details for that online bank.

By doing that, the online bank will confirm your identity. This should satisfy the online casino’s KYC (know your customer) requirement.

That’s how you can immediately play your games after making the deposit.

If you’re done playing for the day, you can just leave. Then if you want to play again, just click “Resume Playing.” You can skip making a deposit and go straight to playing the games you left.

Pay N Play Hybrid Version

If the online casino offers the Pay N Play as an option with other payment methods – then they’re using the Hybrid version. This is ideal for online casinos that want to improve the gaming experience of their online players.

In this version, Canadian players are required to choose Pay N Play before they can use it. That means you maintain the option to choose other payment methods if you want to.

This flexibility has a catch. You lose certain features offered by the Pure version. For example, the option to just click “Resume Playing” will be gone. You still have to log in using your username and password.

Is it legal to use Pay N Play Casinos in Canada?

Yes, this payment option is legal in Canada. What you have to check is the online casino that you’re going to use.

You see, Canadian laws prohibit the operation of online casinos within their borders. But they do allow Canadian players to play online casinos that are duly regulated and licensed in the country where they are from. So make sure that the online casino that you’re using has the approval and license from their country’s gambling authorities.

Can you trust Pay N Play Casinos?

Yes, you can. Why? Because Pay N Play is a product of Trustly. They operate from Sweden – a country with very strict rules for financial institutions. Not only that, Trustly has a strong reputation for being a trustworthy online payment method.

These are only a few of the reasons why you can safely play using this technology. Your information will always be safe and all transactions will be fully encrypted.

Customer support at Pay N Play

What about customer support? Well, the whole idea of using Pay N Play is for convenience. And this is done through the simplest process. This is why it’s less likely that you’ll need the help of customer support.

But of course, Trustly won’t leave you with access to any help. So if you encounter difficulties, you can rely on Trustly’s competent customer support.

In case the problem isn’t with Pay N Play, you should also check the customer support of the online casino. The best Pay N Play Casinos in Canada should be able to offer multiple platforms for their customer support.

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