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Online and off, slots are universally loved by casino players from Calgary to Calcutta. What better way to play them than with real money? Real money slots are the optimal fun for any casino lover looking for the thrill of a real money win. One of the best things about real money slots is that they are quick and easy to play.

Playing with real money means you are more likely to get a return on the dollars you invest but, as with any casino game, you might not see a return immediately. We have put together some information about where you can play real money slots online, how to play real money slots and we’ve also looked at some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from players in Canada,

Online Casinos Where You Can Play Real Money Slots

 888 Casino Canada: At 888 Casino Canada, you can enjoy free spins and enjoy real money winnings playing both your free spins and real money slots.

Mr Green Casino Canada: Not only can you play real money slots at Mr Green Canada but Canadians can also avail of 25 free spins with no deposit and 200 free spins after your first deposit.

Wildz Canada: Try out the slots a Wildz Canada with play money before committing your real money for real money wins. Choose between classic slots, video slots and more.

Casumo Canada: Lovers of video slots will have a ball playing real money slots at Casumo Canada. This online casino boasts 2000+ games and 20 free spins for Book of Dead when you make your first deposit.

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Why Play Real Money Slots?

The answer to ‘Why Play Real Money Slots?’ is simple. Play real money slots because you like to win. If you didn’t then you wouldn’t be reading this article. The rush of winning real money is much more satisfying than the short lived triumph of a free slot win.  After all, are you really winning if there is no prize? When you play real money slots you have the added bonus of knowing that when you win you can keep the fun going by spending your winning dollars or just keeping the slot party going!

There are of course cynics out there (aren’t there always) who think that there is no way that you can possibly win real money playing online slots. In short, they are wrong. When you play real money slots at a licensed and regulated online casino you are protected by the conditions of the relevant gambling regulation authority. For extra clarity about a slot casino’s policy on playing fair, always check their terms and conditions or ask the casino’s customer service team for clarification.

Free vs. Real Money Slot Machines

 So, is there any argument in favor of free slots? Yes, of course. Free slots are wildly popular in Canada for a number of reasons. For some players, it’s the safety of knowing you have literally nothing to lose. Some people just don’t like risk.

Other players like to try before they buy. Playing free slots is an opportunity to learn about how the online slot machines differ and hone your skills before you start enjoying life playing the real money slots. You will find that most online casinos in Canada offer demos on the slot games and free spins for this very reason.

How To Play Online Slots For Money?

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For the online slots novice, there are a couple of things to know before you get started. First off, don’t play for money before you’ve done a few trial runs on the free slots. Next, decide how much time and money you want to spend playing slots. It is very easy to get drawn into a game and to spend more than intended. The best online casinos have tools that you can use to help you set up reminders and deposit limits so you can self regulate your play.

With that out of the way, let’s get you playing for real. The online slots themselves are not that different from regular slot machines in that each time you spin the slots you pay. Some slots have a higher bet stake than others so perhaps start with the lower bet slots.

To get started, you will need to set up an account with your online casino of choice (see above for some of our real money slots recommendations). Some sites offer free slot spins with no deposit. Check the T&Cs to check if you have to use these before making any kind of deposit. If the casino doesn’t offer any pre-deposit spins then it will,  most likely, offer deposit spins. Usually, these require a minimum deposit of $10 – $20 depending on the site and the method of deposit payment.

How to Win Real Money Playing Free Slots?

Each online casino slot game differs ever so slightly so the first thing to do is watch the demo to help you avoid any rookie errors. As with most games of chance, the higher the stakes the more likely you are to win. There are never any guarantees though.

To win real money playing free slots, you have to play responsibly. Slots should be fun. An occasional way to spend some time relaxing or a quick flutter. If you are playing to win because you need to boost your income, then consider speaking to one of the support groups available. Gamblers Anonymous Canada has local chapters all over Canada. They also offer phone meetings.

It is not unusual for players to win using the free spins from their deposit bonus. When you do win this way there will be requirements that you must meet before you can withdraw your winnings as real money. This could be something like forgoing your other bonus money. The legit casinos will make their terms easy to find and totally transparent. They should also have online customer service reps that you can check in with for anything you’re not sure of.

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Real Money Slots FAQ

How Much Can I Really Win Playing Real Money Slots in Canada?
There are slot games available to Canadian players that will pay out millions. The higher the win the less often the jackpot happens. Smaller jackpot games usually pay out more regularly and can be anything from one Canadian dollar to a few thousand dollars.
Is It Legal To Play Real Money Online Slots In Canada?
Yes, real money slots that are run by online casinos registered offshore are totally legal in Canada.
Can I play Real Money Slots On My Cell Phone?
Yes. Online casinos know that players in Canada love to play on the go and so have created apps and mobile-optimized games just for this reason.
Is It Safe To Play Real Money Online Slots In Canada?
Yes. Legitimate sites are the safest. If you come across a site that you feel is somehow untrustworthy then trust your instincts and avoid it. To play safe, look for casinos that are licensed and registered and that are fully transparent about every aspect of the game. If there is a question that you just can’t find the answer to, try a different slots site.
Why Are Real Money Slots So Popular in Canada?
Real money slots are popular in Canada mainly because they are so easy to play.
Is There A Trick To Winning Big On Real Money Online Slot Games?
Some people swear by having a strategy to win with online slots. Like the value of the bet, they put in vs the number of times they spin. The jury is still out of how effective these strategies are. If there was a trick that definitely worked then everyone would have heard about it by now.
What’s The Best Real Money Online Slots In Canada?
This is a question that only you can really answer because it depends on what you want from a game. Do you prefer fruit slots or video slots? Do you want big wins or regular little ones? In our humble opinion, the best real money online slots in Canada are the ones on licensed, regulated casino sites who proactively support safe play.
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