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Finding an online casino where you can play blackjack with real money is as easy as finding a lumberjack in a woodland clearing. There are literally thousands of sites on the internet clamoring for the attention of Canadian casino fans, but what we aim to find are the quality blackjack sites.

Online Blackjack in Canada 2024

Blackjack is popular because of its simplicity and how easy it is to learn, making it popular with beginners and professional players alike. The aim of the game is as simple as reaching 21 with your hand of cards before the dealer reaches 17. There really isn’t a lot more to remember which makes it fun to play online and off.

Thanks to the popularity of online blackjack in Canada, more and more talented game developers are creating new blackjack games just for you. When choosing a site to play blackjack online in Canada we believe that that site should have your best interests at heart.

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Where to Play Blackjack for Real Money in 2024

 Playing blackjack online for real money is exciting and fast paced. Watching the dealer closely as he lays out the cards, strategizing your next move, holding your breath as you get closer and closer to the winning hand. Imagine then a blackjack game where you have not one but three hands to manage. Maybe even more. Multi hand blackjack is a game that tests your patience, your focus and your skill.

Below are a handful of popular casino sites where you can find blackjack variations, like multi hand, plus more that you can play for real money.

Casino Friday Blackjack Games: Casino Friday has essentially tried to bottle that ‘Friday feeling’ and morph it into a casino site that gives you the same kind of exciting buzz you get as you finish work on a Friday and head into the weekend.

The site is simple and easy to navigate making it popular with mobile players. With a 100% welcome bonus too, it’s hard not to like Casino Friday.

Real money blackjack games available at Casino Friday include Vegas Strip Blackjack, Blackjack Classic ‘Touch’, 21 Burn blackjack and Blackjack First Person.

Casumo Canada  Blackjack Games: Casumo has close to 40 online blackjack games that you can play for real money. Use your $300 bonus money from making your first deposit to try your hand at Unlimited Blackjack Autosplit, Blitz Blackjack, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack and so many more.

Rizk Casino Canada Blackjack Games: Rizk has a 100% welcome bonus of up to $500 plus 50 free spins which makes it easy to see why they would be one of Canada’s favourite blackjack sites.

Real money blackjack games available at Rizk Casino Canada include 3D Blackjack, Blackjack Neo, Atlantic City Black Jack and more.

LeoVegas Canada: More blackjack games than you can shake a stick at! Award winning LeoVegas is loved for its balance of entertainment and innovative gaming.

You can even sign up with Google or Facebook to play games such as Blackjack Party, Blackjack Redeal, Leo Blackjack show and Blackjack Diamond VIP.

Tips on How to Play Blackjack Online for Real Money

The best strategy for playing blackjack for real money is to work on your memory. With the ability to memorize information you can retain the details of entire blackjack strategy charts that will give you the edge and get you closer to winning some blackjack dollars. Pay heed that using a strategy chart is just a small part of how to play strategically.

When playing blackjack, or any game online for real money, you should first check out the credentials of the casino. Make sure that it is licensed by a legitimate authority. Scroll through the fine print – which shouldn’t actually be that fine – and find out what the casino does to protect its players. If you get even a whiff of the site being more about getting information from you than it is about helping you play safe then stay away. Data is a valuable commodity nowadays and you probably didn’t read the data policy before you hit accept on the homepage. No one does.

Whichever casino you select for your blackjack fun, maximize the value of the bonuses available by reading the bonus terms and reaping every free cent you can muster. Winnings made using free money can be withdrawn as real money once you have stepped through a couple of hoops to get it.

Before You Play Blackjack Online

So, you have heard from friends that blackjack is easy and fun and you have decided to try it for yourself. That’s great. Don’t play yet though.  You don’t want to lose money unnecessarily so before you jump in with both feet and a full wallet, learn the blackjack basics.

Take a look online for free blackjack guides that will help you understand the lingo and the rules. Playing blackjack won’t be fun at all if you don’t know what is happening and don’t know what to do.

Also before you start playing, decide how much you can afford to bet (be realistic about how much you can really afford to lose too). Decide too how often you want to play blackjack and how long for. As a beginner, it is easy to get drawn into playing for longer than you intend and before you know it you’ve been awake all night and it’s time to go to work. Set a timer or use the casino’s reminder tools to always play safe.

Blackjack Bonuses to Play Online

Casinos are competing for your attention so you will notice that there are a lot of very generous bonuses offered to first time players.  It seems logical to go for the highest value offer but if you look closer you might be able to get more value over a  longer period.

Where some casinos offer high dollar bonuses up front, you might find that they then offer very few or even no bonuses after that. Check out the bonus info page on each website to see if you will be offered more bonuses for loyalty, regular pay and the such or if the first one is the only one.

When you are considering signing up to a casino site, look at the terms attached to the bonus offer you get for signing up or making your first deposit. Can you use it to play blackjack or is it only to be used with specific games? If it is the latter and you only want to play blackjack then really that bonus has no value to you.

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Mobile Blackjack: Apps to Play Blackjack Online from Android and iPhone

Never be bored again. When you are waiting for your friend (you know, the one that is always late), when you are on the bus to work, when you are at work (just kidding!), when you are on your lunch break. Thanks to mobile blackjack you can pass the time having fun rather than feeling bored.

888 Casino Canada offers all of its games on all devices. Play using the 888 mobile optimized site or download the app to your iOS or Android devices.

Mr Green Canada has an award winning app that is available for both Android and iOS. Mr Green also has a mobile optimized site if you prefer to play on the site.

Rizk Casino lets you play in your mobile browser with its fully optimized casino site or on its apps which are available for all devices.

Caxino Casino has no apps for download currently but does have an optimized site that will work on your mobile and tablet browser. Not all flash games will work on the mobile site.

Wildz also has no app but they have put a massive focus on optimizing the mobile site which allows for seamless play.

LeoVegas was created as a mobile site from the very start to allow for an excellent user experience no matter where you are or how you are playing.

When playing blackjack on a casino site, be that on your phone, laptop or tablet, always log off after playing to ensure your details stay completely safe.

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