Pay N Play Casinos In Ireland: Making Irish Players Feel Lucky – Soon!

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Pay N Play casinos are still not accepted in Ireland. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know more about it.

If you’re an avid online casino player, you probably heard about Pay N Play. It’s a technology by Trustly that’s meant to make things very convenient for online players.

Now, don’t get confused by the fact that Trustly is accepted in online casinos available in Ireland. While Trustly is responsible for the creation of Pay N Play, they’re still separate payment methods.

So why should you read about Pay N Play if it’s not yet allowed in Ireland?

Well, the more you know about it, the faster you can benefit from it once it does become available. Because with the rising popularity of Pay N Play…

It’s only a matter of time before it starts making the lives of lucky Irish players a lot easier.

This article provides the basic information that will help you understand how Pay N Play is set to revolutionize the online casino experience.

Imagine Pay N Play Casinos in Ireland

Let’s assume that Pay N Play casinos in Ireland are already allowed.

What can you expect from it?

When you go to an online casino, you won’t find an option to “Sign Up.” What you’ll see is a button to make a “Deposit.” Once you click this button, you’ll see the Trustly iframe pop up.

You’ll be asked to choose your preferred online bank account. You have to log in using your usual username and password for that online bank. This includes the 2-step authentication.

After the online bank accepts your login credentials, you can now proceed to transfer funds. This deposit will serve as your funds to play casino games with real money. Make sure you choose the right currency. Once you’ve encoded the amount and have gone through another authentication process, the deposit will go through.

You can now start playing.

You might be wondering – shouldn’t I fill out a form and provide my personal details?

There’s no need for that. It’s very convenient. In the Pure Version of Pay N Play, the online bank and casino created your account for you.

Later in this article, you’ll discover how that happens. But for now, you might be wondering how all of this started.

Well, you can thank Trustly for this convenience. They surveyed EU online players. Apparently, more than 9 out of 10 survey respondents admitted that if only they can get faster withdrawals, they’ll be more likely to play longer. The same survey also revealed that online players dislike the long registration process.

Without a doubt, Irish players would feel the same way.

Fortunately, Pay N Play is meant to address all of these concerns.

Online casinos in Ireland that are accepting Pay N Play

Even if Ireland doesn’t accept Pay N Play yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t analyze potential online casinos that can use it.

You see, there are online casinos operating in Ireland that already use Pay N Play – but in other countries. So once Ireland allows it to happen, Irish players can go to these sites to play and enjoy the convenience that this payment method provides.

Guts Casino

200% match bonus of up to €100 and 100 free spins


  • Uses the Hybrid version of Pay N Play
  • Has a great selection of games
  • Mobile-ready with 3 apps for iOS and Android
  • Offers frequent bonuses and promotions


  • Doesn’t have enough live games
  • Lacks phone details for convenient customer support

Videoslots Casino

100% match bonus of up to €200 and 11 free spins


  • Uses the Hybrid version of Pay N Play
  • Impressive library of more than 3000 games
  • Offers an amazing interface for a great gaming experience


  • Short bonus offers
  • Doesn’t offer a downloadable version of the casino

Rizk Casino

10 free spins of up to €25

100% match bonus of up to €100 and 50 free spins


  • Uses Pay in Play
  • Has a generous collection of games, including live casino
  • With interactive games that allow extra rewards
  • Mobile version for iOS and Android


  • Doesn’t offer phone support
  • Restricted in a lot of countries

Features of the best online casinos for Irish players

The truth is, a lot of online casinos are using Trustly – the creator of Pay N Play. So once Ireland allows for this for Irish players, it can be expected that the rollout will be fast.

In fact, a lot of the online casinos allowed to operate in Ireland have already included Pay N Play in their payment methods – either as the Pure or Hybrid version. So opening that option to Irish players would be quite easy.

With the online casinos that are expected to use Pay N Play, how will you know which ones are the best for you?

Quick cashout process

If the online casino uses Pay N Play, there’s no doubt that you can experience the fastest cashout process. After all, this is what Pay N Play was created for. It’s meant to remove the waiting time. They’ll be processing your payment quickly and you’ll soon find your cashout in our online bank account in no time at all.

But for confirmation, make sure you still check the reviews of the online casino. It shouldn’t be hard to find.

Bigger maximum limit

Most online casinos will set a limit to the amount that you can cash out per transaction. Since Pay N Play is considered to be similar to a bank transfer, you get a bigger limit. This means you don’t have to wait for your winnings to be transferred by installment. You can arrange for it to be transferred all at once.

Of course, you still have to check this with the online casino. Sometimes, they set their own limit. Read the FAQ section to know more or ask their customer support.

Convenient user experience

This is the whole purpose of Pay N Play. You can experience real convenience that some online casinos promise but can’t deliver completely. How do Pay N Play casinos in Ireland do this?

They make the registration process faster. The Pure version practically eliminates it. Later on, you’ll find out the process that makes this possible. The bottom line is, they won’t make online players wait for long. Once they make their first deposit, they can immediately play.

The quick deposit and withdrawal are also one of the reasons why it’ll make the whole user experience very convenient.

Very secure transactions

Pay N Play is from Trustly – a Swiss company that follows the strict rules imposed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Since Trustly is supposed to adhere to strict security measures, you can bet that they will ensure that Pay N Play is also secure.

This is why you don’t have to worry about your transactions. It won’t endanger your finances. It will also be as safe as your online bank – with all their two-step authentication.

Of course, to check the safety of the online casino, you have to conduct your due diligence. You have to check if the online casino has its own security measures in place. Like, do they use SSL encryption technology to secure their transactions? And do they use third-party companies to audit their games for fair gameplay? Make sure you check these out as well.

Accessible customer service

It’s also important that you check the customer support of the online casino. No matter how reputable they are, you can expect that there will be problems along the way. So make sure the online casino offers different ways to answer questions.

Usually, having a live chat and email support is okay for Irish players. But having an option to call by phone is also a plus. Check the FAQ section of the online casino if they provide enough answers for basic questions too.

Multiple game options

Irish players are all about the games. So obviously, if you’re looking at Pay N Play casinos in Ireland, you should check out their library of games.

How many games can you enjoy here? Does the Pay N Play casino have the most popular games? How often do they get new games?

These are questions that you should answer. Among the other things that you can check are the partner game developers of the online casino. If they have the big names on the list, you can expect great games in their selections.

If you have a specific game that you want to find, then see if the online casino has it. Whether you like slot games, table games, live casino games, and even mobile versions – you should make sure the online casino has that.

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Tips to start playing in Pay N Play casinos

It seems that playing in Pay N Play casinos in Ireland would be quite awesome. But you’re probably wondering, how does it all work?

How can you start using this payment method? It’s not hard to understand how this technology works.

This has two versions – Pure and Hybrid. When an online casino uses the Pure version, it means there’s no other payment option being offered. On the other hand, the Hybrid version is only one of the payment methods that the online casino is offering.

To give a better explanation of how Pay N Play works, the focus will be on the Pure version.

To make a deposit

When you’re using Pay N Play casinos in Ireland, you’ll notice that the only option is for you to make a deposit. There’s no button to sign up or join.

After you click the “Deposit” button, you’ll see the Trustly iframe on the screen. You’ll see online bank options. Choose the one that you have an account with which you’ll use to get your funds.

Once you make a choice, you’ll be required to log into your online bank account. You’ll use your username and password for that account. Whatever process the online bank has, you’ll go through that – including the two-factor authentication process.

The next step is to input the amount that you want to deposit to the online casino. Again, if you have to go through a verification process to confirm that amount, you’ll be prompted to do so.

If the online casino confirms the transfer of the funds, then you can start playing their games.

The account creation

By this time, you’re most likely thinking that something’s missing.

And you’re right. You didn’t go through the creation of your online casino account.

The truth is, you actually did. But it was the online bank and the online casino that took care of all that. You see, when you logged into your online bank account, the online casino considered that as verification of your identity. They trust that you already went through the whole KYC (know your customer) process with the online bank.

That’s good enough for the online casino. It’s basically how your account is created. It’s how you’re allowed to start playing immediately.

A convenient way to return to playing games

The convenience isn’t just felt when you start playing in the Pay N Play casino. Every time you stop playing and then decide to play again, you don’t have to go through a lot to do it.

You only have to go to the site, look for the button “Resume Playing.” Once you click that, you can go back to what you were playing before you decided to leave.

If you want to make a deposit before your resume playing, you can log in using your online banking credentials. After you’ve made a deposit, you can continue playing your online casino games.

To make a withdrawal

So far, you’ve probably guessed that the process of cashing out your winnings will also be fast. You are actually right.

To start processing your withdrawal, you just have to log into your online bank account. Use the same credentials and go through the same process you usually do. This means you also have to go through the two-factor authentication process. Once that’s done, you can make your withdrawal. Just follow the procedure like stating the amount that you want to withdraw.

You should also make sure that you have adhered to the terms and conditions of the site. This is especially true if your winnings are from a bonus offer. Complete the wagering requirements so you won’t forfeit your winnings.

If everything is in order, the process should be quick and you’ll soon find your winnings in your online bank account.

Facts about the Pay N Play technology

There are still a couple of things that you should know about Pay N Play.  The more you know about it, the faster you can adapt to when authorities start allowing Pay N Play casinos in Ireland.

So what other important facts should you know about this revolutionary technology?

2 versions of Pay N Play

You probably remember the two versions of Pay N Play. Here’s the rundown of what these two versions can offer – and how they differ from each other.

The Pure version

As explained, this version is when the online casino uses only Pay N Play. There’s no other payment option.

So when you go to the online casino, you’ll only see a prompt to make a deposit. There’s no need to sign up and fill out registration forms. Once you input your online banking account credentials, your online casino account will automatically be created.

This version also means you’ll enjoy the “Resume Playing” feature. You can quickly pick up where you left off.

It’s all very fast – from the registration to the deposit and the withdrawal. It’s very convenient for online players who just want to play their games.

The Hybrid version

For this version, you’ll still have Pay N Play – but you also have other payment options to choose from.

But even if that’s the case, the process to make a deposit and withdrawal will still be fast. And you also get to enjoy the higher withdrawal limit. After all, Pay N Play is considered a bank transfer. So you’re allowed to transfer a bigger amount compared to other payment methods.

Among the features that you won’t get is the “Resume Playing” option. But if you don’t mind, the Hybrid version will still give you a convenient and awesome gaming experience.

When will Ireland start accepting Pay N Play?

There’s no news as to when this will happen. Ireland has yet to say when this payment method will be accepted.

But with how other countries have shown great feedback when it comes to Pay N Play, it won’t be for long. Ireland is still part of the EU Market – the one that Trustly included in the survey that started the idea of Pay N Play.

It should happen very soon. You’ll start seeing Pay N Play casinos in Ireland.

Can Pay N Play casinos be trusted?

Yes! As explained, Trustly is very serious about safety and security. They won’t create something that will compromise their reputation as a trustworthy company.

You can trust that your transactions will be kept confidential and secure. You have to remember, you will be using your online bank credentials. If you trust your online bank, then you shouldn’t worry about the security of your transactions.

Pay N Play customer service and support

Throughout the article, you read how Pay N Play takes convenience to the next level. For sure, they won’t disappoint with their customer service and support.

No matter how perfect the technology may seem, it’s still possible to encounter problems. This is why Trustly made sure you can easily find help.

But beyond that, you should also check the customer support of your online casino. There are times when the problem isn’t with Pay N Play but with the online casino themselves.

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