Cookie Policy

Every time you visit our website, you need to be aware that we will be using “cookies” to collect information from you. This page will discuss everything you need to know about cookies and how it affects you and our website.

Cookies are necessary for different functions. This policy will help you understand the following:

  • What are cookies?
  • Why are cookies important?
  • How do we use cookies?
  • What type of cookies do we use?
  • How can you manage cookies?

Read on to understand more about the cookies on this website. By using our website, you are giving us consent to use cookies for the purposes that will be discussed.

What are cookies?

Cookies are basically small text files made up of letters and numbers. These are stored on your browser or computer every time you visit our website. These cookies come in different types that perform various functions. For instance, session or transient cookies are used as long as you are browsing the website. Since websites do not have a memory, the session cookies perform this task. It does not store your data. It just makes sure that you will not be treated as a new visitor while you are going from one page to another as you browse the site.

Our website uses various cookies that will be discussed later. These are all meant to improve your experience as you navigate and use the site according to your preference. It also allows us to recognize your browsing patterns so we can customize your experience.

While cookies may get a lot of data, it does not get anything that will identify you as an individual. Your privacy is still protected. The data collected by the cookies we use are all anonymous identifiers that are associated with the device and browser that you are using. It also tracks referring site URLs, website preferences and settings, and also your behavior when it comes to both time and usage.

Why are cookies important?

There are three reasons why cookies are important for every website.

Helps the site work properly

First of all, cookies perform various functions across the website. Session cookies and persistent cookies, to be specific, increases the overall functionality of the site. It allows the site to work in accordance with the personal preferences of the user. That allows easier navigation between pages.

Ensures relevance

While the cookies will not save information that will identify the user, it will monitor and track their behavior as they explore the site. The cookies will take note of personal preferences so returning visitors will be given relevant suggestions and will even be shown appropriate online adverts when applicable.

Improves user experience

Since cookies help the site work properly and makes relevant suggestions, it contributes to the overall user experience. By understanding the preference of the user, it makes the experience more personal and appealing.

How do we use cookies?

Whenever you visit our website, cookies will be planted on your device by either the site operator (which is us) or third parties. The third parties placing cookies are there to collect various data that will aid in marketing campaigns and tracking of your behavior. It also helps increase the quality performance of the site.

In this website, we will use the cookies to perform these functions:

  • To help new users with the sign-up process
  • To assist users in setting up their preferences
  • To ensure efficient navigation between the various pages of our site
  • To activate specific website features
  • To gather, monitor, and understand data about the activities of the user within the site
  • To help make the site more functional both optimally and efficiently
  • To detect and protect the site from fraudulent use
  •  To track the origin of user traffic, specifically how they arrived on the site, for referral and marketing purposes
  • To identify and deliver relevant advertising materials based on user activity

Cookies will be used in various ways in this website but it will never be used to get your information so it can be sold to third party sites or businesses.

What type of cookies do we use?

There are various cookies being used on this website. These are classified in 3 ways.

Session cookies

These are cookies that work while you are still navigating the website. These cookies monitor your every activity so it can make relevant suggestions, show appropriate adverts, and lead you to pages based on your preferences. An important characteristic of this type of cookie is that it expires once you close your browser.

Permanent cookies

This type of cookie, as the name suggests, will not expire. Even if you close your browser, it will keep all the data that it collected. This is the cookie responsible for remembering your login details and even your password – if you activate it. That way, you can conveniently revisit the site and access your account easily. Of course, your information is not really stored forever. The law dictates that permanent cookies should be deleted after 6 months. You can also choose to delete the cookies through your browser settings.

Third-party cookies

These are the cookies installed by third parties. The purpose of these cookies is to collect information that is usually used as data for research. Among the information collected include user demographics, behavior, etc.

Apart from these three, cookies are also divided into 4 types that define their purpose in the site.

  • Necessary cookies. These are the cookies that are necessary for the site to function. If these are switched off, these functions will also be rendered useless.
  • Functional cookies. These cookies may not be necessary, but it is still important because it effectively enhances certain features of the site. These are usually functions that help make the user experience more personal.
  • Performance cookies. These cookies basically measure the various activities happening on the site. These mostly include how visitors use the site so the data can be used to improve its functionality. A perfect example is Google Analytics.
  • Targeting cookies. These cookies focus on your visits and then tracks the links that a user follows. This is quite helpful in determining personal preferences so advertising is more relevant and matched to the interests. This helps measure marketing campaigns effectively.

How can you manage cookies?

The law dictates that every user should be allowed to disable or opt out of accepting cookies. If you want to insist on disabling the cookies, you can simply choose to opt out of it. This will keep cookies from being applied when you navigate the site in the future. For cookies that are already in effect, you can go to your browser settings to erase or reset the cookies – it depends on the specific browser that you are using. You can also set things up so your browser will automatically refuse all cookies – or at least notify you before it is placed. You can also do this exclusively for third party cookies.

You have to understand that disabling the cookies in this website will affect how it will perform. This is why it is not really advised – especially if you plan on visiting our website several times.

Disabling the cookies will keep certain functions within the site from performing efficiently. Not only that, it will keep you from enjoying a personalized overall experience as you navigate the site.

If you have any questions about the cookies on this website, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer any of your queries.