Comeon Canada bonus code – Get a free bonus

When you first sign up for Comeon Casino, you will be offered a welcome bonus. This can either take the form of a sportsbook bonus or the casino bonus. The standard casino bonus includes a $1500.00 matched bonus towards placing a bet in the casino. It also includes a maximum of 300 free spins on the game Fire Joker. As a bonus incentive for new users, you can now get up to 20 free spins to use in the casino. Thus, Comeon Casino’s welcome bonus now includes:

  • $1500 bonus matched to your deposit
  • Up to 300 free spins on Fire Joker
  • 20 free spins in the casino

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The New Offer

This new offer is only for Canadian citizens above 18 years of age and must be used within 7 days of signing up for a new account with the casino. It can be used over your first three deposits. It will only be available, according to the website, from November 2020 onwards. It can’t be used with the sportsbook bonus or with any other bonus offers that the casino offers. Thus, the only way to get this new offer is by signing up for the casino welcome bonus.

The minimum deposit that you need to qualify for this new bonus offer is $20.00. The casino would then match your offer to give you bonus money equivalent to this amount. Thus, you would then have $40.00 to use in the casino. In addition, depending on how much money you deposit, you will get free spins on Fire Joker as well as select other games. Casinos will often do this to add to players’ playing time and thus enjoyment of the casino.

comeon bonus and free spins

Exclusions for the new offer

Despite the added value of the new offer, there are certain exclusions that apply to it. These mostly include some exclusions on wagering. These exclusions are based on how much money you end up winning through the casino because the bonus money can not be applied toward your winnings. Thus, the bonus amount will eventually be deducted from your winnings. Because of this, you must play through all of your bonus money in order to satisfy the terms of the wagering requirements.

There are also exclusions in Comeon Casino’s bonus offer. These include restrictions on what games qualify for the offer. Some of the games excluded from this offer are Mini Blackjack, Baccarat Pro, Blackjack Pro, Double Exposure, Blackjack, Pontoon and Casino Holdem. As you can tell, the available games mostly involve online table games. However, there are a wide variety of online slot games available in the casino, so you will have plenty of games to choose from for the new bonus.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the added value of Comeon Casinos’ new bonus offer will add lots of playing time to your casino experience. This will allow you to potentially win many more times than if you didn’t have that fabulous bonus, meaning way more fun in the casino. The exclusions won’t stop you from being able to win big on slot machines, and thus all that fun is still possible. Why not come and check out Comeon Casino today for a truly thrilling playing experience?

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