Using credit cards for minimum deposit at online casinos

use credit cards at casinos

Everyone knows how to use credit and debit cards. In fact, most of us have at least one in our wallet. With credit cards, you can pay online, in a store or even deposit at online casinos. Credit cards along with debit cards are the most widely used payment methods in the world and are used everywhere. Thus it is no wonder that online casinos everywhere accept credit cards as deposit and withdrawal methods.

There are many credit cards out there, such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover and American Express. Usually, online casinos accept only the first three, and in some rare cases other brands are accepted as well. Also, if your debit card has a logo if Visa or MasterCard, you can make payments with your debit card as well.

How To Use Credit Cards

Using credit cards at online casinos for deposits is very easy. If you have used credit or debit cards for any payments made online, you already know how to use it. No separate account is needed, all you need to do is log in to your online casino account and select credit card as your payment method.

You can use the card either as a credit or debit, depending on your preference and what kind card you own. If you wish to use credit, you have to type in the numbers in the front of the card. If you wish to use debit instead, type in the numbers in the back of the card.

Making Deposits At Online Casinos via Credit Card

First, log in to your online casino account. After this, you have to type in the amount you wish to deposit. The next step is to type in all the credit card details, which include the card number (in the front of the card for credit, in the back of the card for debit), expiration date and CVV code from the back. Also, you usually have to type in your name, billing address and zip code as well.

Usually, you need minimum $10 deposit if you wish to deposit with a credit card at online casinos. However, this may depend a lot on the casino itself, and sometimes minimum deposit required may be more. Also, you should take into account that sometimes credit card companies charge a 2,5% fee for deposits. Other times your online casino may cover this fee for you.

This is how you deposit at online casinos with credit card:

  • Log in to your online casino account
  • Type in your desired deposit amount and credit card details
  • Confirm the deposit

payments with credit cards guide

Benefits of Using Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely used payment methods, so everyone knows how to use them. You most likely have at least one or two credit or debit cards in your wallet, so you can make your deposit already today and get started.

Also, most online casinos in the market offer the possibility to deposit with credit and debit cards. So it is not hard to find a casino to accept this payment method.

Credit card are also always trustworthy and reliable. You can always be sure, that when you make a deposit, you get a receipt and you will know exactly how much you deposited and when. And should any fraudulent activity occur, your credit card company can always help you.

Cons of Using Credit Cards

Usually, credit card companies charge a 2,5% fee for deposits and withdrawals. Sometimes, online casinos cover this for you, but other times, you have to pay the cost.

Credit Card Withdrawals

withdrawals credit cardsWithdrawing with credit and debits cards is fairly easy. All casinos that accept credit cards, will allow you to withdraw with the same method as well. You should note, however, that some credit card companies cannot accept withdrawals from online casinos – but this depends completely on the area you reside in.

After the withdrawal request has been processed by the online casino, it takes about 3-7 days for you to get your winnings. This being the case, credit cards are often not the fastest way to withdraw money. However, it is always safe and you’ll get your money eventually.

Usually, minimum withdrawal to credit cards is at least $10-20. This depends on the casino, though, and it can be much higher in some cases.

  • Withdrawal fee: 2,5%
  • Withdrawal time: 3-7 business days
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: $10-20


As pretty much everyone has a credit card or two, offering credit card deposits at online casinos is very convenient. It’s easy to use them and your deposits are always instantly in your online casino account. The only downfall of using a credit card is that they usually charge a 2,5% fee for deposits and withdrawals. But on the other hand, they are easy to use and deposit and withdrawal limits can be quite high.


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