Unibet – Can’t Log In? Site Is Down? – Fix It With These Tips

Unibet - Can't Log In? Site Is Down? - Fix It With These Tips

Is there anything more disappointing than sitting down to play your favourite online casino games and not being able to login? When you can’t log in to your Unibet account, it can be irritating trying to get back in. We feel your pain and want to help. Read on for our six tips for checking if the site is down and logging back into Unibet.

1.Back To Basics

We have to start here, even if you did this already.

Sometimes when you have reset a password on one device, it will lock you out of your other devices and apps. If you are like most people, then you will have promptly forgotten the new password too.

The only solution in this scenario is to reset your password again. Once you have done that, update other devices too. Don’t be tempted to write your password down anywhere, not even as a note on your phone. Your casino account contains your personal and payment details and should be kept secure.

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2. Did You Verify Your Details?

Is there a chance that you have forgotten to send in proof of address or ID? Compliance is central to running a legitimate casino site. A casino like Unibet won’t risk its licence or reputation by skipping regulation steps.

Get in touch with the Unibet customer service team and ask them if your account has been frozen. They will then guide you through the steps of regaining access to your favourite games.

3. Did You Ask To Be Blocked?

All the best casino sites look after their players by including safe play measures. Self-exclusion is one of the tools offered to help players play safely. Consider if there was possibly an occasion when you asked to be excluded in the past. If you did, then your account will no longer be available.

Setting up a self exclusion block on a casino site is simple. However, reversing a self exclusion is not. When setting it up, you will have been asked how long you would like to be excluded for. You would then have been presented with options – exclude for life, five years, ten years, and so on. To reverse this is near impossible. There are rare cases when a player has made such a convincing plea that they have regained access. In most cases, it is impossible.

4. Check Your Country Rules

Every country has different rules for online gambling. In some countries and states, online gambling is entirely illegal. In others, it is legal to play at online casinos that are licensed offshore.

  • In Canada – Canadian gambling law allows players to access and play at offshore casinos.
  • In Ireland – Irish gambling law lets players in Ireland play at online casinos that operated onshore and offshore.
  • In the UK – Online gambling is legal in the UK.
  • In the USA – Online gambling is legal in some states in the USA but not all.
  • In South Africa – Some online casinos in South Africa are licensed and therefore legal to play on.
  • In New Zealand – It is legal to play at online casinos that are not based in New Zealand.
  • In Australia – Not all online casinos are legal in Australia. Check with the casino’s customer service team or your local gambling office before playing.

Check the rules for your state and country before playing.

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5. Technical Issues

When you can’t log in to your online Unibet account, it could be that the website is experiencing technical difficulties. If you suspect this is the case:

  • try again later in the day.
  • ask customer service if the site is experiencing issues
  • check downforeveryoneorjustme.com to see if the website is down

6. If Nothing Else Works Try This

You have to ask yourself how long you want to spend trying to log in to a site. If the answer is ‘not long at all’ then maybe it’s time to move on. There are other casino sites that will have similar games to the ones you love on Unibet.

The added bonus of trying a new casino site? Your new casino will have a bunch of first time player offers and freebies for you to enjoy.


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