Quest for the secret of the kingdom – €120,000 Treasure

The latest campaign at LeoVegas has a dazzling €120,000 treasure. The question is how you can win this. First of all this total amount of €120,000 is the total prize pool, so it will be several winners.

You can compete for prizes here by playing on the slot machine Secret of Atlantis. The dates to compete for this is between 25th august to 22nd September. For each time you spin on the slot game they will award you with points. There is then a leader board where you can see the progress. The winner will get €5000, second place €3000 and third €2500. Several other players in the leader board will also get a part of the treasure. It´s a total of 50 players that will win prizes. This is pretty much typical LeoVegas, they are not shy when it comes to giving out great cash prizes or fun gadgets.


There will be five races, where each race is one week long. Each race/leader board will get a total prizepool of €20,000 each. You can win more then one race, so feel free to join the competition for each of the weeks. We warn you that it might make you pretty bored of Secret of Atlantis though.

Our tips for winning

Our best tips for winning in this campaign is to play from your mobile phone. LeoVegas casino will award players with the double amount of points when playing from mobile phone or table, hence the great value. There is 1 point for each spin from a desktop and 2 points for each mobile spin.

Another great trick would be to drink a lot of coffee or redbull. However make sure you don´t have to much since it can put some stress on the heart. Might not be the best in combination of playing a exciting slot machine.


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