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Today there are numerous amount of reviews and player referral sites in the iGaming industry online. We are one of them, with a clear focus on delivering the best options for all players that loves free spins and online casinos. We have made it so good that our friends at wanted to interview us. Of course, we were happy to answer all of their questions. At the same time, we got an interest in knowing what they were doing besides presenting reviews of the best casino free spins and how it is to stand out in the crowd among affiliates online. That resulted in that we got some questions for as well. Below you can read about what they are and what they answered our questions.

For all of our readers who wish to know what we think about the future of the iGaming industry. How we got in the middle of it, and what we think about the future of affiliation. Just ##click here##, and you will know it all.

Our questions to

When you meet a player among affiliates that is as unique as, then you have to come up with some questions as well. However, first, we wanted to tell our readers what is.

What is, and why would a player choose you?

  • com is a unique concept in the player referral business that builds on 100% altruism. By choosing the best casino free spins at online casinos NJ, at, a player will be a part of the movement to stop climate change.

Why are you giving all profits to charity?

  • As an active player in iGaming affiliation, I have already made enough money. Now it’s time to make a mark and use our knowledge about the business to save the world.

Is it true that all the money you make from goes to charity?

  • Yes, it’s 100% true that all profit goes to charity. Of course, we have people working with that have to get paid a salary, like all other companies and organizations in the world.

Why do concentrate their charity around climate change?

  • We all have to choose something to believe. At the same time, something the rest of the world wants to fight for, side by side. At, we see climate change as one of the biggest threats to humanity and its future existence. All that makes it a good cause for fighting. – More than just affiliation

As donating all their profits to charity would not be enough to put them on the map, it’s much more to than meets the naked eye. Here it’s also a clear focus on the importance of being a strong force of information. At, you will find:

  • Spot on, Best Casino Free Spins at Online Casinos NJ Reviews.
  • Clear and factual information about Responsible Gambling and the risks with online gaming.
  • Get to know the game providers behind the online casinos
  • Find the best source of payment providers.
  • Learn how to play with the best casino table game guides.


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