Are casino bonuses worth it?

casino bonuses, are they worth it?

We all want casino bonuses. In fact, online casinos are scrambling to provide the best ones. Who has the most generous bonus offers? Which of the online casinos have the most appealing welcome bonuses?

But the real question that you should be asking is this, are these online casino bonuses really worth it? Should you really go out of your way to get these online casino bonuses?

The best way to answer that is to get to know more about these casino bonuses.

About online casino bonuses

Why do online casinos give away these bonuses? The main reason is to stay competitive. There are so many online casinos out there. How will they stand out among the rest?

Online casinos turn to bonus offers and promotions to remain competitive in a highly saturated market. It is what they use to attract new players.

After all, if you are going to switch to a new online casino, one of the things that you will look at is their casino offers. When you read a casino review, you will probably look at the bonus terms. What will this new casino offer me so I can get started on playing their casino games? Do they have no deposit bonus offers? What about free spins?

And let’s not forget the existing players. How will online casinos make sure that they will not go looking for another site to play? How can they make their loyal players happy? This can also be done through casino bonuses. It’s what online casinos use to keep their players loyal and playing often.

Online casinos will use these to make themselves appear interesting and appealing. They want players to view them as being generous. This is why they have more than one type of casino bonus offers.

Common casino bonuses players encounter online

There are many online casino bonuses to choose from. If you want to maximize the benefits of every bonus offer, you have to get to know your options first. It will help you get the best gaming experience while playing your favourite casino games.

Let’s go through them one by one.

Welcome bonus

This is actually the most common among all the other bonuses. It is also known as a Sign-up bonus. This welcome package is offered exclusively to new players. Most of the time, you need to register a new account and make your first deposit before you qualify.

Since this is meant to attract new customers, online casinos are very generous with their welcome bonuses. The players are gifted with a huge match bonus that is tied to the amount that they will deposit. If the bonus is 100%, it means the online casino will match your 1st deposit 100%. So a deposit of £100 will give you an additional £100, which makes a total of £200 for your play money.

This offer sometimes comes with free spins too. These can be used on slot games.

Because of the generous offers, this bonus usually has a huge wagering requirement too.

Obviously, you can only get this once – when you sign-up with the online casino. But with the huge number of online casinos out there, you probably won’t run out. But there are times when the online casino offers a package of bonuses that cover the first few deposits that you make as a new player.

To claim the welcome bonus, you have to complete the registration process. Usually, there is a need to meet the minimum deposit before you can use the bonus. Then, you have to follow the instructions to claim the bonus. Some will automatically put it in your account. But there are online casinos that will require you to manually claim it.

No deposit bonus

This is a type of bonus that is usually offered to new players. Sometimes, players are hesitant to try a new online casino for security reasons. But at the same time, they also want to try out playing with real money.

Well, online casinos have the no deposit bonus for this. It gives new players a chance to play with real money without using their own. Usually, these can be claimed after the player registers their new account. So all you need to provide is your contact details and you can claim this bonus.

This can be a combination of free spins and a match bonus. Any amount that you win from this offer can be withdrawn but you usually have to make a deposit first.

Reload bonus

This is a bonus that online casinos offer existing players making a real money deposit. Sometimes, this is referred to as the Casino Deposit Bonus.

The reload bonuses are used by online casinos to encourage their players to keep on making deposits in their accounts. Most of the time, there is a maximum number of deposits that a player can make to keep on qualifying. If they reach the maximum, their next deposit will no longer trigger the bonus.

There are also times when the bonus is offered on a weekly or monthly basis. When used this way, it is obvious that it is meant to make online players loyal. This is why some online casinos refer to this as the Loyalty Bonus. The bonus can also be attached to seasons or holidays like Christmas, Halloween, etc.

Usually, this bonus is in the form of a match bonus. The percentage is oftentimes not as big as the welcome bonus. But it is still a substantial bonus amount. Sometimes, these can also trigger free spins as part of the bonus offer.

Free spins bonus

Whether it is given to new players or existing ones, if the offer only has free spins, it is considered a free spins bonus. This is a simple yet effective bonus spins offer. After all, a lot of players like to play slot games.

Usually, when the free spins are offered, it is exclusive to specific games – like Starburst, etc. There are also times when the online casino partners with a game developer to offer free spins. This is done to promote the launch of new slot games.

These free spins usually have an expiration date (e.g. 3-day expiry or 14-day expiry). That means you need to use up the free spins within a certain number of hours or days after it is claimed. Any free spins left after the expiration can no longer be used.

Free spins, as exciting as these may be, are usually small in value. It can be as low as 10 free spins or a couple of hundreds. Most of the time, the money won using the free spins will have to meet the wagering requirements. But some generous online casinos would let players keep what they won as real money immediately.

VIP bonus points

This is an exclusive type of bonus. It is meant for the loyal and VIP players of the online casino. The VIP program is an exclusive membership offered by the online casino to their most loyal players. Among the benefits of being a VIP is the exclusive bonus offers.

Online casinos offer the most generous freebies here. It includes huge bonuses, cashback on wagers, sporting event tickets, and even birthday gifts. VIPs also enjoy better terms like faster and less restrictive withdrawals and lower wagering requirements.

To become a VIP member will vary depending on the online casino. Sometimes, the membership is by invite only. But usually, online casinos set up a point-system that players can earn every time they play or join online events.

Live Casino bonus

This is specific for live casino players. Since live dealer games have become increasingly popular, online casinos are scrambling to make sure online players choose to play with them.

Live casino bonuses can be a part of the welcome bonus or one of the reload bonus offers. These are usually in the form of a match bonus, free chips to be used exclusively on live casino games, or cashback on losses. These oftentimes require a minimum deposit to qualify.

Take note of the terms and conditions because this bonus comes with some restrictions. For instance, it can only be used in specific table games like Roulette or Blackjack games.

Mobile Casino bonus

As the name suggests, this is exclusive to mobile casinos. Some online casinos offer the same bonus package in their mobile counterparts. But there are those that offer a different set of bonuses that is exclusive for mobile users only.

The mobile casino bonus can be a match bonus, free spins, or a combination of both. Now if the desktop version offers the same as the mobile casino, you can log in either one and use the same bonus package. But if it is exclusive for mobile users only, you need to log into your mobile casino account to claim your bonus. You can log in through the mobile browser or a mobile app.

These bonus offers may or may not require a minimum deposit. But it can also be given as a loyalty bonus. Make sure you read the terms and conditions to understand how to claim your bonus funds.

No wagering bonus

One of the drawbacks of bonus offers is the wagering requirement. If you don’t meet the wagering requirement, you are not allowed to withdraw your winnings. Sometimes, it is the main reason why some people skip the bonus package.

But there are online casinos that offer a no wagering bonus. This means you don’t have to complete a wagering requirement to withdraw your winnings. You can make the withdrawal immediately. To claim this, there is usually a need to make a minimum deposit.

It seems like the best among the casino deposit bonuses. But these still come with terms and conditions. Definitely, this is a bonus package that is not accessible to most people. Because of the online casino, this is really like giving away the bonus money. And we all know they still need to be profitable despite the free money being given. So make sure you understand the terms to ensure that your winnings will not be compromised.

Cashback bonus

Online casinos care if you lose money when you play. And they don’t want you to feel discouraged when you lose money playing online casino games.

This is why some online casinos have cashback bonus packages. This is exclusive to losses incurred while playing your favourite casino games. This bonus allows you to recover what you lost.

You won’t recover everything. But the online casino will return a percentage of the amount that you wagered and lost. It is just a small percentage. But it can mean a lot for someone who wishes to continue playing.

Most of the time, you will still be required to meet a minimum deposit to claim the cashback. It may not be a lot but it will give you additional funds to try and get back what you lost.

How to claim an online casino bonus

There seems to be a lot of options to get bonus cash or free spins in online casinos. You have to understand the specific bonus offer that you will avail to claim it.

The details will vary, specifically when it comes to the requirements. But there are general steps that you can follow to get these online casino bonuses.

  1. Pick a casino. It all starts with the online casino. Make sure you choose a trustworthy online casino. If it’s a new casino, at least make sure that it’s licensed and registered by reputable gaming regulators.
  2. Look at the bonus offers. You will probably encounter more than one. Usually, you get to choose which ones you will claim. But there are times when you are allowed to get them all.
  3. See how you will qualify. What do you need to qualify for the bonus? Do you need to register? Meet a deposit amount? Know the details to claim the bonus.
  4. Find out the wagering requirements. If it’s too high, you might not be able to withdraw your winnings. Make sure it is something that you can meet.
  5. Check the validity. A lot of bonus offers, especially free spins, have expiration dates. Look at this and make sure you can completely use the bonus before the validity expires.
  6. Read the terms and conditions. Go to the terms and conditions and read it. This may seem like a boring thing to do – but it’s necessary. It’ll ensure you’ll never compromise the bonus offer.
  7. Claim the bonus. This will depend on the online casino. Sometimes, you automatically get the bonus. Other times, you will be required to opt-in.

After claiming the bonus offer or free spins, you can start playing.

get free spins bonuses

What’s the catch when it comes to casino bonuses

Is there a catch when you avail of the online casino bonuses? Of course, there is. Online casinos need to be profitable too. They are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. They are doing this to make sure that you will keep on playing.

For new players, online casinos want to attract these players. The more players they have, the more profitable the casino will be. This is why they offer generous welcome bonus packages.

And they also have specific bonuses for registered players. This is to encourage them to stay loyal. It’s very easy to go to new online casino sites. The best way to avoid this is to keep giving them rewards. If these rewards are given with wagering requirements, it will force the players to keep playing.

There are also bonuses used by new online casinos to launch their sites. Just like an opening promo for new stores. These casinos make the bonuses attractive so new players will give them a chance despite the lack of reputation.

New game developers also partner with online casinos to help promote their games. Giving players bonus cash or free spins will encourage them to try out the game.

As you can see, online casinos will also get something out of the bonuses they offer. You just have to make sure that it’s worth it.

Are online casino bonuses worth it?

Yes, they are! Well, generally, these are really good for online players. But you have to make sure that you know what you are getting into.

To do that, you need to go to the terms and conditions. It will tell you what you are getting yourself into. Focus on the restrictions in terms of what you are allowed to win. Also, look at the requirements that will allow you to withdraw your payout. Make sure that you can get your winnings.

If it all seems confusing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer support. That way, things will really be clear before you get the bonus.

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