Manch235ter casino

General Information

Manch235ter is an entirely different casino prospect and it is about as close to the glamour of Las Vegas as you are going to get, without actually visiting the place itself. Manchester235 (as it is sometimes written) is all about dramatic design, glamour, style and excitement. It’s not like anything else the city has to offer. It’s also open round the clock. This entertainment destination fuses state-of-the-art gaming with award-winning dining, the hottest bars in town, live music, party nights and more .It’s also home to the biggest and best poker brand on the planet: World Series of Poker. There are two fantastic restaurants offering very different dining experiences.

There is no membership required to enjoy the Manch235ter experience but they do have a loyalty programme that provides a whole host of different benefits, promotions and offers, so certainly worth taking a look at.

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What is there to do at Manch235ter Casino?

manchester235terAs with all modern day casinos, it isn’t enough to simply offer gambling and gaming, regardless of how good the gambling and gaming is. Instead, a casino has to offer a whole load of other services on site such as dining and drinking and entertainment. As would be expected from such a well thought out and planned casino as Manch235ter, they have this stuff in spades. First off is the excellent restaurants on site. There is the iconic James Martin restaurant, serving up some of the best food available in the UK from one of the most famous TV chefs of all time, and then there is the frankly fabulous ocean treasure restaurant which serves up delectable food from the far east. As you would expect, both of these restaurants are frequently very busy so its best to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Not content with two fabulous restaurants, Manch235ter also has not one but two superb late night bars to relax and unwind in. They offer a wide selection of drinks as well as a huge menu of cocktails and are the perfect place to meet your friends or colleagues before a night at the Roulette table or even a night on the town. Obviously, being based in the Great Northern Warehouse there are also a huge selection fo bars and restaurants less than a stone throw away, but frankly the ones in house are just as good if not better than all of these.

As well as bars and restaurants there are a lot of great events ranging from burlesque shows to Sunday dinner. The range and breadth of entertainments and functions on offer at Manch235ter is really breathtaking and thats before we have even gotten onto the gaming, which is of course, superb.

manchester235Firstly, they offer very regular (weekly in most cases) poker tournaments with big payouts and cheap buy ins, perfect for the experienced player looking to hone their skills and make some mega bucks. As well as that though there are a massive range of Poker tables on the casino floor, Blackjack Tables, Punto Blanco, Dice games, Three Card Poker and one of the most complete selection of electronic game terminals this side of the Atlantic ocean. The Electronic Slot machines have huge progressive jackpots and the payouts are well north of 90%. If you aren’t the most experienced player though not to worry, Manch235ter offer training sessions and also have helpful game guides on their website to help novices get to grips with the basics of the game.


Manch235ter is an absolutely gorgeous casino with more entertaining nights and functions than you can shake a poker chip at. The games are brilliant, the staff even better and the restaurants and bars arguably some of the best in the entire city. If you are going to gamble outside of Las Vegas, Manch235ter is the place to do it.