Hippodrome casino London

General Information

The Hippodrome Casino was opened in 2012 in London and has very quickly become one of the country’s, if not the world’s, most prestigious and popular casinos, partly due to its excellent gaming and gambling facilities, but also due to the other shows and events that can be experienced at the same time.

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The Hippodrome Casino is the UK’s largest international style casino and also, self proclaimed, its busiest. There are four floors of gaming available to punters, with an entire floor dedicated to Poker Stars Live, as well as a restaurant that has won several awards, a cabaret theater with 180 seats that also doubles as a live music venue, six bars and a terrace for indoor smoking. The Hippodrome Casino really does have everything anyone could want for a massive night out. The Hippodrome Casino is in the same building as the former Hippodrome theater and it has received plaudits from politicians, heritage groups, historical trusts and the world media, as well as being awarded the prestigious award of ‘Casino of the Year’ by industry peers and experts. The Hippodrome Casino claims to be, and quite possibly is, London’s best night out!


What is there to do at the Hippodrome?

The Hippodrome Casino has an absolute wealth of activities to keep anyone amused, whether it be trying your hand at one of the many casino games on offer, having a great meal or watching a cabaret show, you’re sure to find something to thrill and excite you at the Hippodrome Casino.

Obviously, a massive casino like the Hippodrome Casino has almost any kind of gambling game you could want. Try your hand at Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, 3 Card Poker, Dice games, Pai Glow and much more. There are three floors of gaming and one floor dedicated entirely to Pokerstars Live. The Hippodrome comes equipped with some of the most advanced electronic games and slots from around the world so players of all types will be more than happy with the game selection. There is no excuse not to have a go at some of the classics with over 45 tables and even gambling tables available on the smoking table.

If you get hungry while you’re at the Hippodrome, no worries, because there is an award winning restaurant on site, offering some of the most delicious and delectable dishes available in the country, let alone London.

But that’s not all that is on offer at the Hippodrome! As would be expected with its theatrical history, the Hippodrome Casino also has live cabaret or music shows pretty much every day that will dazzle and inspire you.

Needless to say from London’s self proclaimed ‘biggest night out’, once you are on site at the Hippodrome there really is no need to leave for a long time and before you know it the sun will have come up and you may well be much wealthier or much poorer than you were when you went in, but that’s the fun of it.


The Hippodrome Casino is a casino steeped in history and placed right in one of the busiest places, in one of the busiest cities in the UK and as would be expected it offers everything a person could want in a night out. The gaming options are absolutely second to none, the entertainment rivals that in the west end and the food and amenities on offer are akin to some of the most well adored casinos in the famous city of Las Vegas. The Hippodrome Casino is adored by its customers, as is evident from the reviews it receives online and is an absolute must see for any visitors to London, or to the UK for that matter. Visit London and visit The Hippodrome Casino, you won’t be disappointed.