Rainbow casino Birmingham

General Information

One of the more boutique casinos available in the UK, Rainbow Casino in Birmingham is slightly smaller than your average casino and isn’t operated by a massive multinational conglomerate, but that isn’t to say it isn’t any good. On the contrary, the friendly and relaxed atmosphere provides a unique casino experience that is hard to find anywhere else. Just because the Casino is small doesn’t mean it lacks any of the things that have come to be expected in a casino. A huge selection of games, on site restaurants and bars and lots of other useful amenities make this one of the best, and most interesting nights out available not just in Birmingham but in the UK as a whole.

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Adding to the relaxed feel of the casino is the lack of membership required to get in, and, it’s completely free to enter as well and anyone is welcome, as long as they are dressed accordingly and over the age of 18 much like any other casino. There are however benefits to becoming a member of Rainbow Casino though including vouchers to be spent at the casino, vouchers to be spent at the bar and discounts on additional visits to the restaurant and bar, so probably worth signing up. Thankfully, it is quick and easy to sign up as it can all be completed online (www.rainbowcasino.co.uk/brimingham/membership) or can be completed at the venue or over the phone.


What is there to do at Rainbow Casino?

Despite being a smaller, more unique casino, the Rainbow Casino in Birmingham still offers all the same levels of entertainment and fun that would be found at a much larger casino. Most importantly for a casino is obviously the gaming and Rainbow Casino can cater for either the most experienced player or the least experienced player comfortably. For those that already know their way around a casino floor there are all of the regular games to choose from, including some more unique and less well known ones. Players can try their hand at Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Three Card Poker, Punto Blanco, Electronic Roulette and a load of different Slot machines that have a top jackpot of ten thousand pounds. The pay out on all of the electronic games is easily on a par with any other casino and the croupiers and staff members are very professional and highly qualified on all of the table games. For the newcomers however, these games can seem very overwhelming and because of this, Rainbow Casino offers tuition in all of the games. With this tuition from experts anyone can go from complete novice to experienced pro in no time and start raking in the big bucks.

Gaming isn’t everything though and at Rainbow Casino there is plenty more to do. On the first floow there is the Clarendon restaurant that features high quality food at very reasonable prices, a perfect place to make a pit stiop and refuel before heading back to the gaming floor. The menu is seasonal and the service and staff are excellent, making the Clarendon restaurant a great place to celebrate that special occasion or just catch up with old friends. Speaking of celebrating, the bar in the Rainbow Casino overlooks the gaming floor and offers a wide selection of drinks including an excellent menu of cocktails. Perfect for unwinding after a long session down on the Roulette table or even just after a long week at work.

One of the best days to visit the Rainbow Casino is either Monday or Tuesday and the reason is a complimentary buffet is on offer to all guests. From midnight on Monday there is a complimentary Chinese buffet and from 9pm on Tuesdays there is a complimentary buffet of varying themes, so why not head down and have a free tea while playing some quality games.


The Rainbow Casino is a slightly more boutique casino experience than is the norm but it certainly doesn’t mean that the experience is any less exciting and thrilling. The restaurant and bar are of excellent quality and have a very welcoming feel to them, adding to the whole experience. Gaming is obviously the main attraction and is very well catered for with huge payouts on the slots and great tuition for newcomers to the casino gaming world.