Land based casinos in UK

Land based Casino’s were one of the first forms of gambling allowable by law and because of this, they are one of the most iconic forms of gambling and what people first think of when they think of gambling. Since the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960 came into force, land based casinos have been a possibility (admittedly under some fairly strict parameters at first) and people have flocked to play a whole manner of different gambling games, including the likes of Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, slot machines and many more. As times have changed and technologies have advanced, the kind of games available to play at casinos has changed and advanced, but that doesn’t mean that the classic, table games, aren’t still popular. Perhaps the nostalgia or familiarity that people have with these games, probably thanks to movies and television, keeps dragging people back to the roulette or poker table to try being James Bond for the evening.


How popular is the Casino industry in the UK?

The casino industry is a strong one in the UK and it has been strong for many a year now. Recent figures put the economic value of the land based casino industry at somewhere around the 1 billion pounds per year mark, so certainly not a small industry. As a proportion of gambling in general in the UK however, the land based casino doesn’t quite have the power and weight that it used to. Go back 30 years and the casino accounted for around 50% of the gambling industry in the UK but recent figures put this value down at around 15%. That isn’t because casinos have become less popular however but actually because other forms of gambling have become much more popular, mainly due to the advancement of technology allowing people to gamble online, be it on online casinos or on sports betting, which now itself accounts for around 50% of all gambling in the UK. Land based Casinos really are a very popular pass time in the UK and a popular stop off on a night out for all ages, from 18 upwards.

Which are the biggest and best Casinos in the UK?

There are some excellent casinos based up and down the length of the UK, in every major city and town and most of them are very well attended. Here are some of the best Casinos around the UK that are well worth a visit, if you’re in that neck of the woods:

  • Hippodrome Casino, London – Based in the Soho district of London, the Hippodrome casino is one of the most well know casinos in the UK and offers punters all manner of gambling attractions, including probably the largest poker room in London. Not only this but they also have a host of other attractions tailored to the none gambling customers including cabaret shows and musical performances. If you are in London, this is definitely a night out you won’t forget for a very long time,
  • Grosvenor Casino, London – Sticking with the London theme, the Grosvenor casino is probably just as, if not more so, famous as the Hippodrome Casino and for good reason. With a world leading casino floor and entertainment, and an absolutely incredible restaurant to go with it, the Grosvenor Casino is a great place to spend many an hour during a trip to London.
  • Broadway Casino, Birmingham – Moving away from the capital, we find the critically acclaimed Broadway casino which boasts one of the most well reviewed service teams in the country, as well as a top notch restaurant and a selection of slot machines and electronic gambling games that could rival some of the biggest casinos anywhere in the world.
  • Grosvenor Casino, Liverpool – Obviously, with such a successful casino in London, Grosvenor were always going to do a great job with another casino in another city, and that is just what they have done with the one in Liverpool. The Grosvenor in Liverpool boasts all of the same qualities as the one in London, but far cheaper thanks to the far more reasonable prices in the north compared to the capital, not to mention that northern hospitality.

How do they compare to Casino’s from around the world?

The UK’s casinos are widely considered to be amongst some of the best in the world, rivalling the major casinos from some of the biggest players. Obviously, any casino is going to struggle to match up to the incredible spectacle that is the Las Vegas Strip, but when the casinos themselves are looked at in isolation, there aren’t many that are better than those on offer in the UK, and it shows as tourists come from around the world to visit the casinos in the UK.


All in all, the UK casino scene is a thriving industry and one that looks like it is here to stay for some time so grab yourself a nice dark pair of sunglasses to cover up those tell tale eyes and we’ll see you at the poker table!