Safe Irish online casinos in 2021

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Whether you’re new to the world of online casinos or you’re a seasoned veteran of the gambling world in general, there’s no doubt that anyone and everyone who wants to play online wants to do it in a safe and secure way. There are literally tons of online casinos out there in cyberspace all offering similar services and they all have a myriad of options for games and monetary transactions. So how do you know which ones are good for Irish players? Which casinos offer the most protection, the most options for withdrawal, and the best customer service should you have any problems? Well, this article will cover some of the best and safest Irish online casinos so you can have fun playing and not have to worry about whether your money and personal banking information will be gone the next time you sign-in.

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Why choose a safe online casino?

No matter what you choose to do online whether you’re going on social media or doing your banking, safety is always important. Protecting your passwords and information are some of the most important practices online regardless of whether you’re at an online casino or just checking your emails. So although the question might seem like a no-brainer, choosing a safe casino is not only important for keeping your hard-earned money safe but it is also important to keep your personal information safe as well. If you’re depositing money and withdrawing, chances are that your banking information is stored somewhere, and with that comes information about your name, where you live and tons of other details you probably don’t want hackers and scammers to know.

So how do you know which sites are safe and secure and which ones to avoid? Well some of the most popular Irish online casinos are 888, Mr. Green, and Rizk and they all have three important factors in common:

  1. They hold licenses from official regulatory bodies and gambling commissions. Proving that they are in fact, authentic, legal, and regulated and offer fair play for guests.
  2. They use sophisticated and new technology to provide safe and secure monetary transactions for both depositing and withdrawing money. Meaning your money and personal information is going to stay safe no matter what.
  3. Their games are designed using reliable software that is deemed trustworthy by third-party testers. This means that you don’t have to worry about their games scamming players and everything is tested, trusted, and fair for players.

Since these casinos are some of the more popular ones for Irish players, their popularity proves they are trustworthy and as a way of thanking players they all also often have promotions like free spins as well as depositing bonuses for players.

How to Recognize Trustworthy Online Casinos

Gaming Licenses: Just like the number 1 point stated above, the most trustworthy way you can assure yourself that a casino is legitimate is to check their license. Trustworthy and popular casinos will often have no problem showing off their credentials so finding this information is never too hard. Typically, casinos will list a bunch of their credentials at the button part of their website. Since there are a number of online casinos open to Irish players, licenses might not be necessarily held in Ireland but maybe part of the UK gaming commission or Gibraltar Gaming Authority for example. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t trustworthy or legal for Irish players but it does mean that they are regulated and safe internationally.

Getting a license is not an easy endeavor and there are a lot of hoops one has to jump through to get one so finding a site that has multiple official licenses is pretty much a clear indication that they are doing everything they can to get players a safe and fair experience.

Fair Games

On top of the licenses, a casino will have, arguably the second most important thing for an online casino to have is the fairness and testing of their games. Because after all, the amount of games available means nothing if they’re rigged. Similar to gaming licenses, a trustworthy casino will want to show off their rigorous testing and fair play endorsements. Any honest casino (whether online or not) will have no problem proudly displaying their transparency regarding their games and how often they are tested for fair play and fair payouts for winners. Reports of their payouts and how often they are tested are usually easy to find.

Any reputable and honest site will test their games using third-party testers and software. For example at Mr. Green online casino, they have brought in the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science to test their random number generators on top of using the company TestFreaks to make sure their games are fair and secure. If you’re unsure about a casino’s license and what they mean check for companies like eCOGRA, TST, and GLI. They are all internationally recognized brands specializing in testing and fair play technology.

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They Use Reliable Software

To make sure you’re using reliable software and that you’re playing at a reputable casino that’s safe, take a look at what time of software they are using for their games. Typically, the games you find at casinos are made by third-party companies but any trustworthy casino will have their credentials for their games laid out for users to see. Again, transparency is an important part of any online gaming platform. Of course, as the users of the casino, you want games to work and function properly without glitches and lag, especially if there is your money on the line.

Most online casinos will provide a list of their software providers which can usually be found at the footnote of the website. A list of some of the most commons ones are:

  1. Playtech. They’ve been around since 1999 and are also listed on the London Stock Exchange. GLI and Playtech have an agreement that provides the guarantee of safe and fair play in Playtech’s games.
  2. Microgaming. Microgaming has been around since online gaming first started really becoming a thing in the early 90s. Since 1994, Microgaming has been bringing the best of casino software to the world of online gambling with over 750 unique games as well as new ones being developed. They also have a bunch of awards under their belt and are certified by eCOGRA and GLI.
  3. NetEnt. NetEnt is a world-renowned software provider for online casino games who have won numerous awards in the past like Slot Provider of the Year and RNG Casino Supplier of the Year.

Protected Transactions

Perhaps the most important part of online casino gaming is the money aspect of it all. Plenty of casinos have a wide variety of options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing winnings. Naturally, since your banking information is tied to the system, you’ll want something that has a history of safety combined with cutting edge technology to keep you and your money safe. Mr. Green has a lot of options for depositing money such as Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, and Netteller. For processing payments to your wallet, Irish players are in luck because there are tons of options available offered by most casinos like Paypal, Neteller, and Entropay.

On top of making sure you have a good and safe way of depositing and withdrawing money, online casinos often have proper software and encryption on their website to provide players with the highest standard of anti-hacker software. For the non-tech-savvy out there, always check if a website has “https” listed in the address bar, if it is, then you’re in good hands as that means the site is encrypted. Along with showing off licenses, awards, and endorsements, online casinos also will show off their security software. Check for names like Norton Secured, Rapid SSL, McAfee, TRUSTe, and Thawte as these companies protect user data between your browser and the casino’s website.

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Help With Gambling Addiction

More renowned online casinos like 888 and Mr. Green will make it a point to not profit off the health of their user base. Despite this aspect of ‘safety’ is not necessarily geared towards the use of the site itself, it is also important for players to exercise personal safety especially when it comes to the possibility of playing too much.

Gambling is a serious matter and addiction to it is a matter a lot of online casinos take personally. Some sites will offer self-assessment tests to see if you have a problem and many more sites will also take into account how much you’re playing. Sites like Mr. Green offers services that limit how much you can deposit, wager and lose over a week so you can’t go overboard. The site will often have its own support measures in place or at the very least be able to redirect players to places where they can get help like gamblers anonymous.  Being a socially conscious player and casino operator is just as an important aspect for online casino gaming when it comes to safety as any other matter for safety.