Safe Casino Payment Methods For Canadian Players In 2022

safe payment methods in canada

When it comes to online safety, payment methods and personal details are top of the list for necessary security. With the advancements of fintech, online payment is more advanced than ever. Increasing the options for how we can pay for online services like Casinos.

At FreeSpins Canada, we are committed to helping casino players in Canada play and pay safely. We have rounded up five of the most popular online game payment methods used in Canada in 2022.

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Skrill is gaining popularity in Canada as consumers – including online casino players – look for alternative and flexible ways to manage their money.

Casinos in Canada that accept Skrill include Casumo, Casino Cruise Canada and more.

What is Skrill? Skrill is an e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

What makes Skrill safe? Skrill has a focus on safety and an anti-fraud team to protect every transaction you make.

Good to know: Skrill has won more than 50 awards in less than four years from Forbes, EGR North America Awards, The Compliance Register and American Gambling Awards to name a few.


Mastercard Inc. is a multinational financial services corporation headquartered in the Mastercard International Global Headquarters in Purchase, New York. Mastercard is responsible for one of the four largest payment networks in the global payments industry.

Casinos in Canada that accept Mastercard include SlotV, Lucky Days and Karamba.

What is Mastercard? Mastercard is a financial services business that offers credit card services for point of sale, ATM and online payment usage.

What makes Mastercard safe? Mastercard SecureCode is a service to enhance your existing Mastercard credit card or debit card and gives you an additional layer of security that protects you against unauthorized use of your card when you shop at participating online retailers.  This service is provided by your card issuing bank.

Good to know: To enable SecureCode You must sign up with your card issuer.


Popular in Canada and worldwide, NETELLER is used by millions of people to pay and get paid on thousands of sites around the world including the top casino sites in Canada. There is a host of online and offline withdrawal and spending options as well as instant access to cash at point-of-sale, ATM and online locations.

Casinos in Canada that accept NETELLER include Cashimo and Rizk Casino.

What is NETELLER? NETELLER is an e-money transfer service used for transferring money to and from merchants such as players and casinos. You can withdraw funds directly using the Net+ card or transfer your balance to your own bank accounts.

What makes NETELLER safe? NETELLER’s service is operated by Paysafe Financial Services Limited™, Quebec, Canada.

Good to know: NETELLER also employs industry-standard encryption for all your sensitive information, including:

  • Highly secured data centre for storing user information
  • 24/7 account and transaction monitoring both by computer systems and by live security agents
  • 24/7 customer service for any immediate questions or concerns


Founded in 1998 in Silicon Valley itself, Paypal is probably the Grand Daddy of alternative online payment methodss. Originally popular with eBay users, Paypal is now used around the world by 277 million consumers and gamers online. Fun fact – Elon Musk was one of the founders of Paypal.

What is Paypal? Paypal is a company that operates an online payment system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

What makes Paypal safe? Paypal offers its millions of users Buyer Protection, fraud protection and Data encryption. Paypal monitors every payment 24/7. Meaning you’re covered no matter what time of day or night you logon to play your favourite casino game.

Good to know: PayPal Buyer Protection can cover your eligible purchases if they don’t show up or match their description.

Visa Canada

Visa was founded in 1958 and originally was part of  Bank of America launched the first consumer credit card programme in the US. Fast forward 62 years and Visa has evolved into a business that operates in 200 countries and territories enabling consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency.

Casinos in Canada that accept Visa include SlotV, Lucky Days and Karamba.

What is Visa? Visa offers a range of payment solutions. One of which is Visa Checkout. Visa Checkout is an online payment feature that makes online shopping more convenient because you can safely store and use any Chase card with Visa Checkout, and there is no need to re-enter your card number or address every time you make a purchase.

What makes Visa safe? With Visa, you are protected from fraud, loss and theft. Verified by Visa adds an additional layer of security to your casino transactions.

Good to know: has a range of tips and articles about the measure you can use to keep your money safe.

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